Glasses are unique items from Persona 4.



Persona 4

The glasses made for the Investigation Team, more often than not, complement them in some way, be it their personality or their respective "color." Additionally, all of the glasses have the SMPTE color bars on the side of the frame, just beside the hinges. Also, all their lenses are lightly tinted, and are not entirely transparent.

  • The Protagonist, being a blank slate for the player, has a simple gray pair of rectangular glasses, with the fewest of embellishments.
  • Yosuke Hanamura's glasses are square, in a vibrant orange.
  • Chie Satonaka's glasses are oval, in a bright yellow, reminiscent of her initial persona, Tomoe Gozen. They are also the thickest out of the lot, implying towards her toughness.
  • Yukiko Amagi's glasses, which are the only pair in the game to be half-rimmed, are thin and red. In contrast to Chie's, they could be seen as elegant and dainty.
  • Kanji Tatsumi's glasses, as he is perceived to be a rough and tumble "biker", are subsequently black sunglasses. As opposed to covering his eyes, his glasses, like Rise's, rests on the bridge of his nose instead.
  • Rise Kujikawa, despite being in a strictly supportive role, has pink, oblong glasses.
  • Naoto Shirogane's glasses are a light blue, as that color could be used to denote either gender. They are also the second thinnest, next to Yukiko's.

Persona 4 Arena

All of the glasses are available as downloadable content packs. Included in these packs are several new glasses for characters that did not originate from Persona 4.

  • Mitsuru Kirijo wears oval mirrored shades.
  • Akihiko Sanada wears ski goggles.
  • Aigis wears a futuristic visor similar to the one she wore in The Answer.
  • Elizabeth wears rectangular half-rimmed glasses.
  • Labrys wears a visor that look like a knight's grille. Shadow Labrys wears a darker-tinted version.
  • Despite not needing glasses, Teddie also gets some eyewear in the form of a cartoon bandit's eye mask.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Glasses are available for the new characters.


Persona 4

The Investigation Team wears glasses to see clearly through the fog in the Midnight Channel. They were given by Teddie, who makes them to pass the time. He doesn't need a pair himself, as his eyes have contact lenses sewn in. He also created a pair of horn-rimmed joke glasses with swirly lens, attached eyebrows, a large plastic nose, and a bushy mustache — a possible reference to Groucho Marx's famous novelty disguise. Teddie himself admitted the glasses were a mistake, as he used the wrong type of lens to create it.


Persona 4
Kanji's glasses
Chie's glasses
Persona 4 The Animation
Yu's glasses
Yosuke's glasses
Chie's glasses
Yukiko's glasses
Kanji's glasses
Rise's glasses
Teddie's lenses built into his eyes
Naoto's glasses
Persona 4 Arena
Mitsuru close up with sunglasses
Mitsuru w/Sunglasses
Akihiko close up with ski goggles
Akihiko w/Ski Goggles
Teddie close up with mask
Masked Teddie
Aegis Glasses Sprite
Aigis visor
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Yukari P4U2 Cut-in
Ultimax Yukari
P4AU Junpei close up
Ultimax Junpei
P4Au older version of Ken close up version
Ultimax Ken
Rise close up in P4AU
Ultimax Rise
Marie Cut-in
Ultimax Marie
P4U Labrys close up with visor
Ultimax Labrys w/Visor (1)
P4U Labrys Visor
Ultimax Labrys w/Visor (2)
P4U Shadow Labrys visor
Ultimax Shadow Labrys w/Visor
Adachi P4U2 closeup
Ultimax Adachi
Sho close up in P4AU
Ultimax Sho Minazuki


  • Following the television motif of the game, on all the glasses' frames are SMPTE color bars.
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