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Giten Megami Tensei: Tokyo Mokushiroku (lit. Pseudepigrapha/False Reincarnation of the Goddess: Tokyo Revelation) is a game that was first released for personal computers in 1997. It was published by ASCII and has plot ties to both Shin Megami Tensei and the manga Shin Megami Tensei: Tokyo Revelation, with which it shares a subtitle. Like most other Megami Tensei games, there are multiple endings.


  • Giten Megami Tensei uses the "Demon EXP" system, which allows demons to gain EXP and level up.
  • All characters, including demons, can equip weapons and armor that match their Equip Type
  • The Awakening Event is first seen in this game. The protagonist can obtain skills from 1~3 of four categories (Physical, Gun, Magic, and Computer) when leveling up, depending on his awakening type. In addition, late in the game Amaterasu at Takamagahara (高天原) will teach an Almighty skill, Tokoto-no-kajiri (十言神呪) to the protagonist, similar to the Whisper Event in later games.
  • The battle system is menu-based, but rather than a set turn order, after each turn a character has to cool down for a short period of time until they can act again. It's comparable to the Final Fantasy series's ATB system.


The PC-98 and Windows versions have several significant differences.

  • The Windows version has a customizable interface, allowing the player to move and resize elements of the HUD.
  • The Windows version has completely redone graphics as far as dungeon and HUD designs go. Enemy and character sprites were mostly untouched aside from an upscale job (possibly just recycling original assets from the PC-98 version).
  • The music was redone for the Windows version.


The protagonist. He was born and raised within the Hatsudai Shelter. His mother was killed by demons when he was a baby. His father was a famed Devil Buster and the superior of Nishino, but was also killed by demons when he was 10 years old.

The female protagonist. A member of the Elite class and a close childhood friend of Ayato's. She is the reincarnation of Megami Ishtar.

A playful girl who met with Ayato while imprisoned within the Yoyogi labor camp. Her true identity is Tyrant Astarte.

A member of the Hatsudai Devil Busters, and Emi's lover. Although he has a kind disposition, hand to hand combat is his specialty.

The Hatsudai shelter's resident mechanic and member of the Devil Busters. Although she's often teased by her fellow DBs, Emi's prowess with technology and her spirited nature make her an invaluable and reliable partner.

The commanding officer of the second division of Devil Busters, who lives in the Hatsudai shelter with his wife and son. He treats Ayato like his own son.

A member of the Devil Busters. A gun specialist with a cynical personality.

A member of Ex-Harajuku shelter's Devil Busters and the Pentagramma.

A member of Ex-Harajuku shelter's Devil Busters. A kind and gentle young man.

A man who lives with his younger sister, Odenkyou Haruku. It seems that he's hiding some secrets.

A friendly one-armed man. He's searching for an old friend after the Great Destruction. He is the younger brother of Kojiro Souma.

A resident of the Ichigaya shelter who runs the Kusaka Cybernetic Research Institution and Cultivation Center. He is a former student of Doctor Hirasawa.


This is a detailed synopsis of Giten Megami Tensei with spoilers. The stories are written in episodes, and a roadmap can be found here (with different numbering as below). The story may change depending on certain dialogue choices, but they are omitted unless mentioned.

In 199X, Tokyo was destroyed by ICBMs, resulting in a nuclear holocaust. Some people with foresight had built underground shelters and survived the Great Cataclysm, while demons began to rampage on the ground. People in the underground shelters still need to defend against demon invasion, and thus an organization called Devil Busters have formed. Around 20 years passed, and a new generation has grown up in the shelters...

1. Hatsudai Shelter Escape

The story begins at Hatsudai Shelter B7F with the protagonist Ayato taking the Devil Buster qualification exam. After passing the exam with Yuuka (it is possible to fail and change some events before he is made one), they officially become Devil Busters and are introduced to the other squad members: Nishino -- the squad leader, Hayasaka, Emi, Yamase and Newton -- a combat robot dog. One day Ayato receives an emergency call from Harajuku Shelter, saying that demons have infiltrated their shelter. The squad (except Yamase) hurries there but cannot enter the gate, thus returns empty-handed and gets scolded by Yuuka's father, who is the head of the command center. A few days later Harajuku Shelter calls again, saying that the demons have been dealt with and they will send over a "Devil Repel Program". Ayato downloads the file, which turns out to be a virus program that leads to Ayato possessed by the demon Murmur (other choices exist).

In the next few days, Ayato unconsciously kills Yuuka's younger sister and behaves abnormally. There is also an optional love scene between Ayato and Yuuka where she mourns her sister's death. By the time others find out the cause, Murmur has already infiltrated into the shelter. Murmur brings in countless demons and spreads the zombie virus, which quickly infects a large number of shelter residents. Yuuka's father locks down the stairway on every floor while hiding alone on B9F in the command room. Nishino orders Yamase to help evacuate the survivors on the floors above, and others to wipe out the demons below B7F. However, Yamase escapes the shelter himself, which causes all the remaining survivors, including Nishino's wife and son to become zombies.

Murmur infiltrates into B9F and kills Yuuka's father before Ayato and others arrive. Yuuka runs toward her father's corpse and gets seized by Murmur. Several other high-level demons who are Bael's allies, including Abaddon, Leraje, Decarabia, Ipos, Lamashtu, Asherah, and Astarte, have been invited by Murmur to the place and waiting aside. After tearing apart Yuuka's body into 8 pieces, each demon eats one of her body parts. Murmur takes Yuuka's head, saying he will dedicate it to Bael, before spreading poison gas in the shelter. Due to the lack of hazmat suits, Ayato decides to let the others have them and rushes back to the command room, quickly fainting on the ground (other choices exist). When Ayato regains consciousness, he finds himself in the underworld Yomotsu Hirasaka, then gets kicked out by Yomotsu-Shikome because he is not dead yet. Ayato returns alive and escapes the shelter with Newton.

2. Shinjuku Liberation Battles

Upon exiting to the ground, Ayato encounters Yamase, who has already joined the demons and been serving under Dantalion. Ayato defeats Dantalion (it is possible to lose, however) and is then invited by Sonoda and Kamikawa to join Pentagramma, a resistance organization against Bael. There Ayato reunites with Hayasaka and Emi but learns that Nishino has left alone. The five people form a new squad under Watanabe, the leader of Pentagramma. The squad sneaks into the Shinjuku Labor Camp and defeats Dantalion, the boss of the area. A few days later, Pentagramma launches a strike against Shinjuku Tocho. Ayato and other squad members fights through to the top, defeats Adonis and finally kills Bael. Kamikawa sacrifices in the battle. Pentagramma occupies Shinjuku Tocho as the new base.

3. Yoyogi Labor Camp Escape

Thinking that even Bael, the most formidable enemy has been defeated, the whole Pentagramma enters a state of euphoria and everyone keeps drinking all day and night. Suddenly one day, Adonis and Baal Hadad leads an army of demons to attack Pentagramma. Ayato and Sonoda are captured and taken to the Yoyogi Labor Camp, where they are forced to dig tunnels with no food since they refuse to show appreciation to Bael (other choices exist, where Bael will tell you he actually hasn't died). Rui comes every night to give food to Ayato and Sonoda. After a few days, Sonoda stipulates a plan to escape with Ayato and Rui. They defeat the boss Baalzephon and get out to the ground again.

4. Harajuku Shelter Assault

The three return to Shinjuku Tocho but are treated as traitors by Watanabe, so they have to leave again. Rui proposes that they can go to Harajuku Shelter since rumor has it that Adonis keeps many humans serving him in the shelter and few demons are dwelling there. The three head there and defeat Adonis a second time. Demon fusion becomes available.

5. Full Moon Episode

The three return to Shinjuku and rest in My City, where they hear rumors about people missing every full moon, and that the suspects are a pair of brother and sister in Odakyu HALC. Ayato and others solve the case and discover that the brother, Kazumi, had been fused with a Werewolf and would turn into the beast form every full moon, during which time he would prey on humans in My City. Eventually Kazumi overcomes the Werewolf's spirit and becomes able to fully control its power. Kazumi decides to take his sister Mei on a journey.

6. Adonis's Duel

Adonis sends a letter to Ayato, saying that he would like to have a one-on-one duel at Shinjuku Ground Zero Colosseum, since he doesn't feel fair to have battled with Ayato's entire party before. Many demons, including Abaddon and Lamashtu, are watching the duel but none expect that Adonis would lose. Ayato decides to spare Adonis's life (other choices exist). Adonis feels ashamed to lose the third time but claims that Ayato will regret one day. Unexpectedly, Sonoda is killed with his heart taken away, while the criminal is unknown.

7. Sunshine City Battle

Ayato goes north to Ikebukuro and arrives at Sunshine City, where he finds Abaddon torturing Emi. Ayato defeats Abaddon and rescues Emi. Yuuka's left arm appears from Abaddon's corpse. Yuuka's image appears and tells Ayato to gather all her body parts. Rui crys out, saying she will never help Ayato with this, and runs away. Emi tells Ayato that she got separated from Hayasaka, and decides to travel with Ayato until she finds him.

8. Research Labs

Ayato goes to Toyama Shelter and meets Dr. Hirasawa , who specializes in creating demihumans and tells Ayato that his former student, Dr. Kusaka, is an expert in organ repair and is running a research lab at Ichigaya Shelter. Ayato then heads there, but gets ambushed by Leraje before entering the shelter. Ayato defeats Leraje and obtains Yuuka's right arm. Dr. Kusaka offers to store Yuuka's body parts and Ayato decides to leave them to Dr. Kusaka for now (other choices exist).

9. Ochanomizu Shelter Rescue

Ayato travels along the subway tracks from Ikebukuro and arrives at Ochanomizu Shelter, where he accepts Herald Phanuel's request to save the residents from the demon Aym's fire attack (other choices exist). Ayato defeats Aym and rescues the residents and in return, Ayato is granted a personal room on B7F. Then, Ayato heads to Kanda Underground Research Institute and meets the chief scientist Louis Cyphre, who sells a personal culture tank to Ayato (other choices exist). Ayato brings the culture tank to his room in Ochanomizu Shelter, where he stores Yuuka's body parts after retrieving them from Dr. Kusaka.

10. Millennium General Hospital

Ayato meets Sanshirou Souma at the Akihabara Station Building. Sanshirou tells Ayato that he had been traveling with Nishino, but Nishino was killed at Hokokuji Temple by Astarte. Sanshirou decides to travel together with Ayato while looking for someone named Kyoko. When exiting the building, Emi sees a merchant selling Hayasaka's clothes and follows him all the way to Millennium General Hospital. There Emi learns that Hayasaka died of burn and his body has been sold to Dr. Kusaka for research. Emi decides to work under Dr. Kusaka in the hope that Hayasaka may be revived one day.

11. Ginza Cults

Ayato and Sanshirou travels from Akihabara to Ginza, where they get ambushed and beaten by countless Bael Followers from Baal's Cult's branch in Ginza. Ayato and Sanshirou are rescued by a group of Mikos from Mother Venus Cult HQ. The leader of Mother Venus Cult HQ, Shizuna, introduces Ayato to her son Kazusa, who is the leader of Ishtar's Hammer, another cult that worships Ishtar. Kazusa says his previous life was Ishtar's lover Hupasiyas and he leads the cult in order to reincarnate Ishtar, whereas Yuuka is actually Ishtar's avatar. Kazusa requests Ayato to collect Yuuka's body parts and revive her.

12. Haunted Train to Shinagawa

Ayato arrives at the old Shinbashi Station, he discovers Newton's wreckage. Dr. Kusaka repairs and powers up Newton for Ayato. On a new moon night, Ayato visits the station again and boards the Haunted Train to Shinagawa Aquarium, where he defeats Vepar. Before heading back, Rui's image appears, asking Ayato if he likes her and if he is willing to choose her as his lover instead of Yuuka.

13. Shinagawa Prince Hotel

There are rumors at Yebisu Garden about creepy laughing voices from the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Ayato investigates the place, where he is warmly welcomed by Alice with a tea party. Unexpectedly, Kazumi lives in a room next to Alice's. Kazumi tells Ayato that Alice is a demi-human created by Dr. Hirasawa and has gone missing, so he was requested by Dr. Hirasawa to look for Alice in exchange for taking care of Mei. However, after Kazumi finds Alice here, Alice likes him so much that she has been forcing him to stay. Kazumi requests Ayato to help him escape from the place. Alice discovers their plan and bursts out crying, which leads all the Trump Soldiers and March Hares in the building to attack Ayato. Eventually, Alice reveals her true form and fights Ayato and Kazumi on the 9th floor. After her defeat, Kazumi decides to bring her body back to Dr. Hirasawa and leaves Ayato. When Ayato returns to Hirasawa's lab, Alice has been repaired as new, but completely lost her memory at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

14. Ropponki Raid

Ayato defeats Ipos at Ropponki Entertainment District and retrieves Yuuka's right leg.

15. Ueno Shrine

Ayato and Sanshirou travels to the northeast and enters Ueno Shrine, where he finds many human sacrifices, especially believers from Millennium, a cult in Otemachi that claims to bring peace to people. Ayato goes to the top of the building and defeats Belberith, who sets a trap before death, and Ayato and Sanshirou falls to B1F. A dying Millennium believer tells Ayato the password to enter 5F at Millennium HQ. Before leaving, Sanshirou tells Ayato that he just discovers some information about Kyoko, and decides to leave Ayato. Rui appears again, and leaves after asking Ayato if he loves her, if he is willing to die for her, and if he will kill her. At the same time, Bael's demons have conquered Shinjuku again and he starts constructing the Bael's Castle above Shinjuku Tocho. They establish a seal around Shinjuku, preventing anyone else from entering. Pentagramma disbands and many members escape to Kanda.

16. Spiritual Travel

Ayato enters Ohanayashiki in Asakusa. After defeating many Japanese Yokai demons, Yoshino-Hime brings Ayato to his spiritual world, where Ayato sees his past and a few scenes of the future. In the spiritual world, Ayato finds out that Watanabe was killed by Baal Hadad, who later disguised as him to manipulate Pentagramma. Furthermore, Yuuka tells Ayato to revive Goshiki Fudo, and Baal calles Ayato his son. Before exiting spiritual world, Ayato defeats his own shadow, Doppelganger. Yoshino-Hime tells Ayato that Tokyo's fate is in his hands now.

17. Truth of Millennium

Ayato visits Kishimojin Temple at full moon and enters a Subspace, where he meets the Kishimojin Hariti. Hariti requests Ayato to look for her son and gives Ayato a bell that will ring when her son is near. Ayato then visits Millennium in Otemachi, where he finds that all the believers can eat and live freely on the first three floors, but only high-level believers can reach above 4F. Ayato purchases a Millennium uniform from the merchant in Akihabara, who had sold Hayasaka's clothes before. With the password learnt at Ueno Shrine, Ayato manages to enter 5F. However, the place is filled with demons, and Ayato realizes that the sacrifices sent to Ueno Shrine were the high-level believers here. Ayato climbs to the top floor and defeats Belphegor the priest. The leader Priyankara becomes furious and attacks Ayato. However, Ayato shows him the bell and Priyankara turns out to be Hariti's son (other choices exist). Rui appears again and rejoins Ayato. Ayato brings Priyankara back to Hariti and is awarded with Yata no Kagami and Gada Vajra. 

18. Revisiting Yomotsu

Ayato visits Hokokuji Temple and enters the spiritual world again. There Yuuka's and Rui's images flash alternately and then overlap, both girls saying "love me". When Ayato regains consciousness, Rui begs Ayato to never leave her. Ayato falls asleep after making love with Rui, then wakes to find themselves in Yomotsu. Upon Okuninushi's request, Ayato defeats Ose and obtains Kusaragi Sword (other choices exist; Ose may join the party if Ayato is Dark-Chaos-aligned).

19. Rinkai Ariake Colosseum

Ayato receives an invitation by Hiruko to visit the Rinkai Ariake Colosseum, who has temporarily repaired the Rainbow Bridge for Ayato. The Rinkai Ariake Colosseum is an area protected by Hiruko's seal and occupied by mutants and Kunitsukami gods who revere Hiruko. Ayato crosses the bridge and defeats Kunitsukami Take-Minakata, who then brings Ayato to meet Hiruko. Hiruko grants Ayato with Yasakani no Magatama, thus completing his collection of the Three Sacred Treasures. Suddenly, Decarabia, who is immune to all seals, rushes in and throws a bomb at Hiruko. Ayato tries to push away the bomb but is too late. The next moment, Ayato meets Hiruko again in the Yomotsu. When he returns to the ground, the mutants are looking for him in grief. Ayato solaces them by telling the possibility of Hiruko reviving from Yomotsu. Take-Minakata later replaces Hiruko's position as the leader.

20. Alliance Between Japanese Gods

With the Three Sacred Treasures, Ayato enters Takamagahara from Togo Jinja and meets Amaterasu. Amaterasu, as the leader of Amatsukami gods, requests Ayato to act as a diplomat on behalf of them to establish an alliance with the Kunitsukami gods. Despite the lasting conflicts between the Amatsukami and the Kunitsukami, in the face of Bael's tyrannical reign over Tokyo, as well as the Hebrew gods that come to battle against Bael while expanding their own territory at the same time, Take-Minakata finally agrees to ally with Amatsukami and swears to protect Japan no matter the cost.

21. Tokyo Tower and Bardo

Ayato climbs to the top of Tokyo Tower, defeats Tammuz and Decarabia, and obtains Yuuka's left leg. From the top of Tokyo Tower, Ayato enters Bardo, where he helps a monk named Jukai to defeat Baal Hadad. Jukai tells Ayato that he will stay in Hokokuji Temple if Ayato needs help.

22. Reviving Goshiki Fudo

It is said that Goshiki Fudo (五色不動; lit. Five-Colored Fudo) has the power of nullifying all seals in Tokyo. However, the five Fudo statues have been ripped of their eyes. Ayato enters four Fudo Temples (Meaka -- red, Meshiro -- white, Meki -- yellow, Meguro -- black) and insert the corresponding gems into their eye sockets. Jukai leads Ayato to the last Fudo Temple (Meao -- blue) where Ayato inserts the last gems. After Jukai performs a ceremony, Goshiki Fudo revive, destroying Bael's seal.

23. Yaesu's Children

Ayato goes to Yaesu Underground District and finds the place exclusively occupied by children. The guardian of the children, Deity Marduk, is actually Nishino, who had died twice and been fused with the demon Marduk. To protect the children, Marduk has established a seal which only humans can enter. Unexpectedly, Yamase comes in and summons his demon superior Lamashtu. Marduk kills Yamase but gets sealed into the Labis Sigil stone by Lamashtu. Ayato defeats Lamashtu and retrieves Yuuka's chest.

24. Ishtar Cult's Truth

Upon exiting, Ayato is brought to Mother Venus Cult HQ, where Shizuna summons the demon Asherah to attack Ayato. Shizuna was told that her son Kazusa will sacrifice if Ishtar revives, thus decides to prevent Ayato from doing so. Ayato kills Asherah but spares Shizuna's life (other choices exist). Kazusa reveals the truth that Ayato is actually the avatar of Hupasiyas, and he had been warned by Ishtar in the dream that he is a fake. Kazusa then tells Ayato that he and Shizuna will leave Ishtar's revival to Ayato's hands, and will not interfere with Ayato anymore.

25. Shibuya's Herald

Ayato travels to Shibuya, which is said to be the only safe place in Tokyo due to Heralds' protection. However, since Goshiki Fudo's revival, their seal also gets destroyed and demons invade into the area. Ayato defeats the demon Morax and meets Katsumi, upon whom Herald Gabriel appears and tells Ayato everything about the previous lives of Ayato himself, Bael and Yuuka, who share deep connections with each other.

Ayato and Bael's previous lives were both souls dedicated to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. Ayato has undergone several reincarnations since his previous life as Hupasiyas, who killed Dragon Illuyanka for Ishtar and became her beloved hunter god. He also bears parts of the spirit of Saint John, as well as Susano-o when he reincarnated in Japan. Bael is an ancient god who used to be called Baal and intended to be the king of gods. After being defeated by YHVH and other Heralds, Baal's spirit was divided into many parts (as Bunrei/分霊) and thrown into the hell. However, Bael swallowed the other spirits there, thus regained his power and managed to return to the ground. Ayato also shares one of Baal's spirits, and Bael will become stronger if he drains Ayato's spirit.

On the other hand, Ishtar was a Babylonian goddess known for her debauchery and also Baal's lover. Gabriel and other Heralds had defeated Ishtar in a battle and YHVH tore her spirit into two parts. The licentious part became Astarte and was thrown into the hell. The benevolent part was full of maternal love and was spread among all the female on earth as well as Maria, and Yuuka is the reincarnation of this spirit. It remains unknown to Gabriel who the other girl is that shares the soul of Ishtar besides Yuuka.

Finally, in order to break the fate of the Sacred King, who must die each time Ishtar reincarnates, Bael ordered his underlings to tear apart Yuuka's body and bathe her head in blood to keep her alive. Besides, despite being Ishtar's reincarnation, Yuuka did not have the soul Bael had hoped for. By killing her, Bael intends to purge the soul and make the next reincarnation of Ishtar as an obedient wife, whose power of sexuality will further strengthen his power, making Tokyo a new Babylonia and the empire of demons. Therefore, Bael intentionally leaves Yuuka's body parts to his rival (Ayato) and has been using Ayato to achieve this goal. Conversely, Yuuka will revive as Ishtar as soon as all her body parts are collected together.

26. Reviving Yuuka

Rui leads Ayato to the top of Bael's Castle as if she is familiar with the place. There Ayato finds Yuuka's head, but Bael is absent. Dantalion tries to prevent Ayato from returning but is defeated. Ayato brings all Yuuka's body parts to Ochanomizu Shelter and Yuuka revives. However, due to the lack of heart, Yuuka quickly faints. Rui tells Ayato to meet her in Bael's Castle and leaves.

27. Route Split

Ayato heads to Bael's Castle again with fainted Yuuka. On 5F, Ayato encounters his shadow Doppelgänger again, as if the time to choose his own fate is about to arrive. On 6F, Rui reveals her true form -- Astarte, who was the demon that ate Yuuka's heart at Hatsudai Shelter, and asks Ayato which girl he would choose. Ayato will battle against Adonis and Murmur before Baal no matter which route he chooses.

Rui Route:

Ayato chooses Rui. Yuuka becomes furious and reincarnates as Ishtar, and attacks Ayato. After her defeat, Rui joins with Ayato as Astarte. Baal becomes furious that Rui and Ayato have destroyed his plan to revive Ishtar. After defeating Baal, Ayato and Rui together become the new ruler of Tokyo.

Betrayal Route:

Yuuka fuses with Rui to become Ishtar with Rui's facial features. In front of Baal, Ishtar betrays Ayato and claims herself to be Baal's wife. After defeating both Ishtar and Baal, Ayato alone becomes the new ruler of Tokyo. However, peace remains far from sight...

Yuuka Route:

Ayato chooses Yuuka. Rui attacks Ayato but gets defeated and dies. Yuuka's heart appears from Rui's body, reincarnating Yuuka as Ishtar. Baal thinks his plan has been going well and calls Ishtar his wife. However, Ishtar rejects his temptation and defeats Baal along with Ayato. Ayato and Ishtar finally become eternal lovers.

Routes and Endings[]

There are 3 routes and 9 ending scenes in Giten Megami Tensei. The routes are determined by dialogue choices with Rui Asuka throughout the game, and most importantly the choice between Yuuka and Rui before the final boss battle. The earlier dialogue choices affect Rui's affinity towards the protagonist (Ayato), depending on the level of which the following outcomes may occur:

  1. High affinity with Rui and choose Rui: Yuuka reincarnates as Megami Ishtar and attacks the party. After her defeat Rui joins the party as Tyrant Astarte and accompanies Ayato to defeat Baal. (Rui Route)
  2. Middle affinity with Rui: Regardless of whether Rui or Yuuka is chosen, Yuuka will fuse with Rui and reincarnates as Ishtar with Rui's facial features. However, after entering Baal's room, Ishtar (dominated by Astarte's will) asks if Ayato really loves her and if yes, if Ayato is willing to die for her. Saying yes to both questions will lead to Ishtar joining the party again but without killing Astarte. Saying no to either question will lead to Ishtar betraying Ayato, and attacking the party as an additional boss fight immediately before Baal. Nevertheless, both choices lead to the same group of endings. (Betrayal Route)
  3. High affinity with Rui and choose Yuuka: Rui willingly returns Yuuka's heart to Ayato and dies. Yuuka reincarnates as Ishtar and joins the party. After entering Baal's room Ishtar rejects Baal's temptation and accompanies Ayato to defeat him. (Yuuka Route)
  4. Low affinity with Rui: Regardless of whether Rui or Yuuka is chosen, Rui reveals her true form as Astarte and attacks the party. After her defeat, Yuuka reincarnates as Ishtar, which leads to Yuuka Route.

Each route leads to a number of (overlapping) ending scenes, depending on Ayato's alignment. The screenshots of each ending can be found here.

  1. Bad Ending: After Baal's defeat he asks if Ayato is willing to replace his place or pierce him with Baal's own sword (聖王の剣). Saying yes to either question will lead to Ayato's consciousness overwhelmed by Baal. Even if Ayato struggles, what he sees is countless demons praising him as the king, but only for a second before Ayato loses consciousness again.
  2. Ishtar Ending: Appears after clearing Yuuka Route with Neutral or Chaos alignment, or after clearing Betrayal Route with Neutral alignment. Ishtar embraces Ayato with her arms. Ayato: Ishtar...our love is eternal...
  3. God's Chosen Ruler Ending: Appears after clearing Yuuka Route or Betrayal Route with Law alignment. Ayato stands atop of myriads of demons as the new ruler of Tokyo, with angels flying above Ayato.
  4. Astarte Ending: Appears after clearing Rui Route. Astarte and Ayato stand atop of myriads of demons as the new ruler of Tokyo.
  5. Tokyo Ruler Ending: Appears after clearing Betrayal Route with Chaos alignment. Ayato alone stands atop of myriads of demons as the new ruler of Tokyo. However, peace remains far away from Tokyo...
  6. Ishtar to the Moon: Appears after clearing Rui Route. Ishtar's soul flies towards the moon, waiting for the next opportunity to reincarnate.
  7. Angel Awakening Ending: Appears after clearing any Route when Ayato is Light-Law-aligned. Ayato awakens as an Angel (Tenshi). A pair of angel wings grow out of Ayato's back.
  8. Majin Awakening Ending: Appears after clearing Rui Route when Ayato is Light-Neutral-aligned. Ayato awakens as a Majin. He grows two more arms and the third eye, and has green skin (only in Windows version), resembling Indrajit.
  9. Kishin Awakening Ending: Appears after clearing either Rui Route or Betrayal Route when Ayato is Light-Chaos-aligned. Ayato awakens as a Kishin. He has red skin (only in Windows version), yellow hair, a pair of horns and sharp fangs, resembling Belial.

Two additional ending scenes can be found in the game data, however, their conditions and whether they can be triggered are entirely unknown. It's possible that the affinity with Yuuka may play a role.

  1. The scene resembles the Tokyo Ruler Ending, except that Ayato has an additional pair of demon wings. The script says "Ayato has fused with Baal and becomes the new ruler of Tokyo. Sometimes, other demons appear as challengers, but Ayato manages to defeat them every time."
  2. The scene resembles the Tokyo Ruler Ending, but only Ayato's shadow is seen. The script says "Ayato goes on a new journey alone in order to revive his lost lover, as well as finding new opponents. There are lots of rumors about his whereabouts, but no one has ever seen him ever since."

Novel Version[]

Giten Megami Tensei: Distant Flow ~EXILE~ is a novelized version of the introduction to Giten Megami Tensei written by Takerube Nobuaki and Narita Miyako, with original art by Miyajima Katsumi, which was published in a December issue of TRPG's Logout in 1995. The character names and development differ somewhat from those used in the game.



  • It is possible to see the ruins of the school that the main characters of Tokyo Revelation go to.
  • In the Windows PC remake, time in between turns was measured based on the CPU's clock speed, leading to the game essentially being unplayable on later computers without a patch.

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