The General Public are recurring characters in the series. They can refer to any person who are ignorant to the surroundings.



Persona 5Edit

The Public makes up most of the residents in Tokyo. Due to it being a massive city unlike Tatsumi Port Island and Yasoinaba, it is heavily populated with faceless masses, as opposed to the closely connected denizens of the previous two settings.

Their sin is Sloth and their collective Palace is Mementos, taking the form of a series of subways filled with organic matter. This is shown when every other NPC character save for the protagonist's comrades and confidants do not speak up in a conformist society, no matter how much their superiors are abusing or wronging them. They even willingly give up their freedom to enable injustice to run rampant, or are led to think that the wrongs are the rights or vice versa, something that becomes extremely prominent during the last three months of the game, when the Phantom Thief fad hit and everyone yearned for the Phantom Thieves to kill Kunikazu Okumura, believing the Phantom Thieves are criminals who killed Okumura and Kobayakawa and Goro Akechi is a hero instead of a killer after both were killed by Akechi himself, and unerringly support Masayoshi Shido to install his radical nationalist policies that would inevitably cause their demise, supposedly been swayed by his charismatic speechcraft that makes him look more relatable than he actually is.

During December 18, Masayoshi Shido was forced to repent for his crimes, seeds of doubt began to be sown amongst the members of the public, Sae Niijima was building a case against him, and the remnants of the conspiracy were left scurrying in panic, making the Phantom Thieves believing they had won. Unfortunately, during December 23, things take a deep dive for the worst; public support for Masayoshi Shido inversely reaches an apex with people desperate for a comeback, there is now no proof of the Phantom Thieves tampering with Shido's mind and Shido's change of heart is considered mental instability, the remnants of the conspiracy fire Sae and prevent her from investigating, and the Phantom Thieves are simply treated as non-existent. Morgana deducts that something was wrong with the public's cognition, and he suggests that the party go to Mementos to change the public's heart.

When the party goes to the Depths of Mementos, they find the general public's Shadows imprisoned behind the bars of the prison of regression, with the inmates praising the prison as the most comfortable place for them. Furthermore, the security of the prison seems to be highly systematic contrary to what was supposed to be a Palace of the public, indicating the possibility of a central ruler behind Mementos. Furthermore, the Phantom Thieves were also shocked to realize that they did not genuinely reform any of their former targets; they only made them a part of the General Public, and the targets, including Masayoshi Shido, lament their foolishness and praise the prison like the rest of the inmates.

On the deepest level, the Phantom Thieves find the treasure of the public, a Holy Grail. The Holy Grail quickly attacks the Phantom Thieves and reveals itself to be a sentient being. It drains the Will of the People from the inmates, who make deranged screams telling the party not to touch the Holy Grail. The Phantom Thieves were rendered helpless as they fruitlessly hamper on the Grail. It was evident at this point that the Grail was not a mere treasure, but also the true master of Mementos who manipulates the public into advancing his "experiment." The Grail proceeds to kick the party out of Mementos and fuse it into the real world. The General Public do not notice the changes, but anyone with a maxed Confidant with the protagonist can blatantly see something is wrong. Shortly after, It makes the public think that the Phantom Thieves do not exist, and all of them were exiled into the Velvet Room writhing in pain.

The Grail was revealed to be impersonating Igor, and he deliberately engineers and manipulates public ignorance in order to make them believe that the most ridiculous lies are the truth, so he can "prove" that humanity does not deserve freedom out of their indolence and he is the sole perfect god fit to guide them. The real Igor believes that a trickster will arise and purge the distortions, but the Grail laughed at this concept. As a result, he compromised the Velvet Room, approached the protagonist (Presumably via the incident with Masayoshi Shido at the start of the game) and trained him as if he were Igor, only to engineer the public to cast him into despair. Having been prepared for their first true rebellion, the Phantom Thieves scale the fused Shibuya (Qliphoth World) and defeat the Grail's Archangel Shadows, snapping the Public to their senses and sending them panicking in front of the wasteland overlaid into Shibuya.

When the Phantom Thieves are overwhelmed by the true form of the Grail, Yaldabaoth, Morgana and Yuuki Mishima rallies the public and the protagonist's maxed confidants into cheering on the Phantom Thieves. Arsène gains enough power to transmogrify into Satanael thanks to the public changing sides, and it finishes the God of Control with one Sinful Shell, wiping it out from existence. Since then, the Phantom Thieves were met with neutral reception, and the behavior of the public reverts to normal.

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