Gekkoukan Emblem

Gekkoukan High's emblem

Gekkoukan High School (月光館学園, Gekkou-kan Gakuen)?, sometimes shortened to Gekkou High (and once referred to as "G High" in a tabloid magazine), is a major location in Persona 3. While little information about it is given, it appears to be a popular school founded by the Kirijo Group at Tatsumi Port Island. During the Dark Hour, it transforms into Tartarus.



Before Gekkoukan High School was founded, the building was built by the Kirijo Group, intended as a laboratory to investigate and experiment on Shadows. The scientists would gather the Shadows and harvest them, amplifying their capabilities and their potential. It is later shown that during the experiment, the arcana that was never meant to be, Death, was created. It is also revealed that via the experiments, the leading group of the scientists came to know about The Fall. The majority of the scientists embraced the prophecy, with the exception of Yukari's father. Declining Death, Yukari's father intercepted the experiments and destroyed many of the facilities along the way. It is also where the Shadows who began to merge with one another, intending to reform into Death, who was forcefully torn apart. The laboratory was later destroyed by the enraged Shadows, leaving only a few of the scientists alive.

To cover up the incident, the Kirijo Group spent a large sum of money and rebuilt the laboratory into a high school. However, as the students enroll in, many of them disappeared with reasons unknown. It was, however, written on the papers that the school suffered from an explosion. 10 years later, the protagonist enrolls into Gekkoukan High School.


  • Want To Be Close - Played during the First Semester
  • Junior Exam - Played during an examination and Summer class
  • Changing Seasons - Played during the Second Semester
  • Memories of the School - Played throughout January
  • Time - Played during the First Semester- Female protagonist route
  • Sun - Played during the Second Semester - Female protagonist route

Calendar Year Edit

Similar to the context of the Japanese school year, Gekkoukan High School starts in April (unlike in Western countries where they start in September) and ends in March. Students attend classes from Monday to Saturday.

The schoolyear is divided into 3 semesters, punctuated by festivals and holidays. There are 3 seasonal long vacations: Summer Break (late July - late August), Winter Break (late December - early January) and Spring Break (late February - early April). In the actual gameplay, the calendar year of 2009 was:

  • First Term: April 7 - July 25
    • Welcoming Ceremony (April 7)
    • Midterm Exams (May 18 - 23) - middle of May, lasts for 6 days
      • Exam results were posted on May 25
    • Final Exams (July 14 - 18) - middle of July, lasts for 5 days
      • Exam results were posted on July 24
    • Post-Exam Break (July 19 - 23)
      • during this time SEES goes on a trip to Yakushima for 4 days, 3 nights on July 20 and returning to the dorm on the evening of July 23
  • Summer Break: July 26 - August 31
    • Yasoinaba High School 2-day fellowship/joint training camp (August 1 - 2)
      • Mandatory whole-day special training (July 27 - 31)
    • Summer Classes (August 10 - 15)
      • Mitsuru applied for all of SEES to attend a week of "intensive courses" to ensure everyone graduates, during which no activity can be done until the evening of August 15
    • Naganaki Shrine Summer Festival (August 16)
      • The protagonist will be called in the early morning by those whom they've made a Social Link with (Yukari/Fuuka/Chihiro/Yuko for the male protagonist, Junpei/Akihiko for the female protagonist). The female protagonist can opt to go in a yukata or not.
    • Film Festival (August 18 - 31)
      • The protagonist will be invited by schoolmates whom they've made a Social Link with during the early morning calls. Starting August 22, the protagonist can invite SEES members whom they've made a Social Link with. There will be a movie marathon at the theater and a new theme each day:
        • Horror movies (go with Rio, increases Courage)
        • Nature documentaries (go with Saori, increases Charm)
        • (No invitation on August 20)
        • "Tear-jerkers" (go with Theo, increases Charm)
        • French films (go with Bebe, increases Academics)
        • Movies about the origin of modernism (go with Ikutsuki, increases Academics)
        • "Willpower!" series (go with Yukari, increases Academics)
        • "Chop-socky" movies (go with Akihiko, increases Courage (in FES) / Academics (in Portable))
        • The last episodes of the popular serial, "True Battles of Real Men" (go with Koromaru, increases Courage)
        • American action movies (go with Junpei, increases Charm)
        • Ninja movies (go with Aigis, increases Academics)
        • Hard science fiction movies (watch with Fuuka, increases Charm)
        • Classic romances (go with Mitsuru, increases Academics)
        • Superhero movies (go with Ken, increases Courage)
  • Second Term: September 1 - December 26
    • Holidays: Respect for the Aged Day (September 21), National Holiday, (September 22), Autumnal Equinox (September 23), Health & Sports Day (October 12), Labor Thanksgiving Day (November 23), Emperor's Birthday (December 23)
    • School Culture Festival (September 19)
      • This got canceled because of a typhoon that hit during the afternoon of September 18. The protagonist will get sick for 2 days since they got drenched in the rain.
    • Film Festival (September 23)
      • Incredible Pet Stories series (go with Shinjiro, increases Courage)
    • Midterm Exams (October 13 - 17) - middle of October , lasts for 5 days
      • Exam results were posted on October 19
    • Excursion Trip to Kyoto (November 17 - 20 morning)
    • Career Experience Week (November 24-27)
    • Final Exams (December 14 - 19) - middle of December, lasts for 6 days
      • Exam results were posted on December 21
  • Winter Break: December 27, 2009 - January 7, 2010
    • New Year's Eve (December 31)
      • Ryoji visits the dorm before midnight. Depending on the protagonist's choices, the game will follow the "Bad Ending" or max the Social Link of the Fool Arcana and start level 1 of the Judgement Arcana.
    • New Year's Day (January 1)
      • SEES will visit Naganaki Shrine to pray, with the girls seen wearing kimonos.
  • Third Semester: January 8 - March 5
    • Holiday: Coming of Age Day (January 11)
    • College Entrance Exams (January 16)
      • Yukari mentions once the protagonist comes back to the dorm that the seniors took their exams despite all the commotion about the Fall.
    • Career Counseling Day (January 25)
      • After school, the protagonist will meet with Ms. Toriumi to discuss their plans for the future. They will be asked if they plan to go to college/university or enter the workforce upon graduating. Then she will compliment the protagonist for maturing over the course of the year and ask what what has helped to bring about this change: various encounters, losing a loved one or responsibility.
    • Graduation Day (March 5)

Gekkoukan School StoreEdit

In the lobby of Gekkoukan High School, there is a school store that carries different items everyday. List of Items:

  • Fried Bread - ¥80 (F/Sa)
  • Crab Bread - ¥80 (Th/F/Sa)
  • Melon Bread - ¥100 (W/Th/Sa)
  • Tri Korone (Apple Strudel) - ¥100 (M/Tu/Sa)
  • Fried Soba Bread (Yakisoba Bread)- ¥120 (M/Sa)
  • Cutlet Sandwich - ¥300 (Tu/W/Sa)
  • Book Cover - ¥5,000 (M/Tu/W/Th/F/Sa)


Gekkoukan High School offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities usually done after classes:

Clubs Edit

The protagonist can become a member of more than one club, by virtue of talking and being invited by the club leader. Club activities happen after school and the protagonist can join in a club's activity by talking to the club leader or going to dedicated club rooms. Mr. Ekoda mentioned that starting a club needs a minimum of 5 members, though Fuuka was still able to make the Cooking Club an "unauthorized" one (which implies that the Fashion Club is also an unauthorized).

Club Name

Social Link Notable Member(s) Additional Notes
Student Council IV. Emperor

VIII. Justice

Mitsuru Kirijo - President

Hidetoshi Odagiri - Disciplinary committee representative

Chihiro Fushimi - Treasurer

Mitsuru will automatically invite the protagonist. This seems to be a point of contention for the other members who were presumably elected (Hidetoshi did mention later that he applied for Student Council but won't do so the next year).

Meetings: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Art Club X. Fortune Keisuke Hiraga - Club leader

Fuuka Yamagishi - Member

The option to join is only available to the male protagonist.
Music Club
Photography Club
Cooking Club II. Priestess Fuuka Yamagishi - Founder & club leader The option to join is only available to the female protagonist.

Meetings: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Fashion Club XIV. Temperance Andre Laurent Jean "Bebe" Geraux - Founder & club leader This club is presumably discontinued after Bebe returned to France.

Meetings: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Tech Club N/A Fuuka Yamagishi - Founder & club leader

Note: Shuji Ikutsuki mentioned once that, on paper, the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) is classified as a school club. They are omitted in the list since they don't meet After School to do club activities (and presumably since it is just a ruse for SEES to be able to operate more freely with less suspicion).

Sports Teams Edit

While sports teams are still considered a "club," the protagonist can only be a member of one sports team, by virtue of talking and being invited by the team captain/manager of the sports team. Practices are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

In the case of the female protagonist, on July 25, Ms. Kanou will approach them in the classroom after school before the start of Summer Break. She informs them of a fellowship on August 1-2 at Yasoinaba High School, a school by the countryside. In preparation for this, from July 27-31, the protagonist is mandated to attend a whole-day special training (only getting free-rein on Evenings). The female protagonist only gets to enjoy the Summer Break fully by August 3rd.

Sports Name Social Link Notable Member(s) Additional Notes
Kendo Team VII. Chariot Yuko Nishiwaki - Team manager

Kazushi Miyamoto - Junior member

Mamoru Hayase (of the XVII. Star: Rival Athlete Social Link) is introduced during a special competition on 08/02/2009.

The option to join is only available to the male protagonist.

Swim Team
Track Team
Tennis Team VII. Chariot Rio Iwasaki - Team captain/manager(?)

Ms. Emiri Kanou - Advisor

The option to join is only available to the female protagonist.
Volleyball Team
Archery Team N/A Yukari Takeba It is unavailable to the protagonist.
Boxing Team N/A Akihiko Sanada - Team Captain It is unavailable to the protagonist.
Fencing Team N/A Mitsuru Kirijo It is unavailable to the protagonist.

School Committees Edit

This is only available for the female protagonist. Unlike clubs and sports teams where she'll be invited to join, school committees are a requirement for all its students (which is the case for Japanese high school students) and she can only be a member of one committee. As homeroom advisor of the class, Ms. Toriumi will approach the protagonist after a few weeks to select what school committee she plans to join. Committee meetings and duty happen during Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Committee Names Social Link Notable Member(s) Additional Notes
Health Committee IX. Hermit Saori Hasegawa The option to join is only available to the female protagonist.
Library Committee

Known Students (Class of 2009) Edit

12th Grade - Seniors Edit

Class 3-D Edit

11th Grade - Juniors Edit

Class 2-E (Mr. Ekoda's class) Edit
Class 2-F (Ms. Toriumi's class) Edit

10th Grade - Sophomores Edit

Unknown Edit

Known FacultyEdit


The school's uniform.
The protagonist, Junpei and Yukari in a classroom
Persona 3 FES artwork
Various students on the emblem
The protagonist and Mitsuru on the emblem
Yukari and the protagonist outside the school
Toriumi lecture
Isako Toriumi teaching class 2-F
Gekkoukan High in P3 Movie
Gekkoukan High School seen in Persona 3 The Movie
Concept sketch of gekkoukan high school
Concept sketch from Persona 3 The Movie
P3M concept artwork of Gekkoukan High School
Concept artwork from Persona 3 The Movie
Concept art from Persona 3
P3M Akihiko grieving over Shinjiro's funeral
Auditorium in Persona 3 The Movie
Gekkoukan in Persona 4
Concept artwork from Persona 4 The Animation
Persona 4 The Golden Episode 1 P3 Theme
Uniforms in Persona 4 The Golden Animation
P4D Gekkoukan High Uniform DLC
Uniforms in Persona 4: Dancing All Night
Uniforms in Persona 5
P5 Gekkoukan High School costumes DLC
Uniforms in Persona 5
P3D Gekkoukan High School-rooftop stage
Gekkoukan High School, rooftop stage in Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night


  • Like the school emblems in the rest of the series the school's logo of Gekkoukan is reminiscent of the logo of the car manufacturer Bavaria Motor Works, or BMW.
  • The Center tile in the Main Lobby (1st Floor) can be also seen on Thebel and Monad; one can see it in the intersections of Tartarus.
  • According to the game files of Persona 3, Gekkoukan High School was initially called "Ryouseikan High school."
  • In Persona 4, Yasogami High School takes a field trip to Gekkoukan.
  • In Persona 4 Golden, the Gekkoukan uniforms are unlockable costumes for the Investigation Team.
    • If a member of the Investigation Team is wearing a Gekkoukan uniform after a battle, they will perform a victory pose similar to a character from Persona 3.
  • The school's name "Gekkoukan" translates to "Moonlight Hall."

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