Gehenna (ゲヘナ, Gehena)? is a Magatama available for the Demi-Fiend in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.


Gehenna, or Gehinnom (Hebrew: גהנום, גהנם) is the Jewish version of Hell that is portrayed within the Tanakh, Talmud, and other Jewish sources and scripture. It is stated in the Seder Nezikin Sanhedrin in Jewish scripture, that "Gehenna is considered a Purgatory-like place where the wicked go to suffer until they have atoned for their sins." Furthermore, it is stated that the maximum amount of time a sinner can spend in Gehenna is one year.

Gehenna is different from the Christian or Islamic versions of Hell due to the fact that one does not suffer in Gehenna for all eternity.



  • Focuses on learning fire magic.
  • It can be bought at the Junk Shop in Asakusa for 30000 Macca (90000 in Hard mode).


Element Wild Effects
Strength +3
Magic +3
Vitality +3
Agility +3
Luck +3
Neutral Heal/Vitality +1
Reflects Absorbs Void Resists Weak
- Fire - - Ice
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Level
Hellfire 20 MP Medium fire damage to random foes. 33
Void Fire Passive Imparts immunity to fire attacks. Overrides resistance and weakness. 42
Mana Gain Passive Equipper's max MP is boosted by 20%. 45
Fire Drain Passive Equipper drains fire attacks. Overrides immunity, resistance and weakness. 60
Magma Axis 30% HP Heavy fire damage to one foe. 65
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