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Concept art of the Gauntlet Rite from Birth of Shin Megami Tensei IV.

The Gauntlet Rite (ガントレットの儀式, Gantoretto no gishiki)? is a ritual in Shin Megami Tensei IV.

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The Gauntlet Rite is a ritual that all eighteen year-olds participate in, held at Mikado Castle. A specialized gauntlet, a COMP with which to summon demons, is put on the person's arm.  If it activates, they pass the rite and become Samurai.

Flynn, along with many other candidates, participate in the ritual at the beginning of the game, and five of them pass, all becoming Samurai.

For the longest time, people saw the rite as God choosing the Samurai, but in reality, the people who were able to resonate with the gauntlet were actually descendants of the original hunters that decided to stay on the surface with Akira.

The samurai gauntlets were actually the PCs on the Demonica suits and so that is why they were only able to resonate with one who shares a bloodline to their original owners.

Flynn, Jonathan and Walter are somewhat of exceptions to this rule because they are rencarnations of three people who were able to use the Demonicas. Flynn is the reincarnation of the boy who became the firmament and he is known to be able to use demons because he is seen wearing a black Demonica. Jonathan is the reincarnation of Kiyoharu, who mentions being in the Hunter Association, so it is implied that he was able to use demons. Walter is the reincarnation of Kenji, who was implied to use demons to take down the angels and stop them from enacting God's Plan.


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