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Ganzu is a character in Last Bible II.



Ganzu is a Gaia master with a bad temperament and terrible womanizing habits but is loved by his subordinates.

Although Ganzu is a Gaia master of Magoku, he sees just how insane his king and country have become under Medoch's influence and actively works to circumvent him. He releases Yuri and Safia when they are imprisoned and makes no effort to help recapture them despite orders. He spends his time seducing and then abandoning women and entertaining ideas of breaking off from Magoku and forming his own country.

Unfortunately he becomes charmed by Medea who utterly rejects him due to her love of Larsa. When she is captured by pirates he joins Yuri to save her only to watch her die. Angered he confronts Larsa but is crushed by him and then placed in a Magoku prison for his "betrayal." Yuri comes to recuse but his shattered pride causes him to challenge Yuri to a duel, but is brought to his senses after loosing to him.

He travels with Yuri to Magoku only to find the demons his country had created had turned on them and killed both Medoch and the king. Yuri's party kills the rampaging demons and the populace of Magoku ask Ganzu to become the new king which he accepts and leaves the party.

However Ganzu returns to the party upon remembering his past life and rejoins the party to help master force and defeat Black Gaia. He then continues on as the king of Magoku with a direction opposite of his predecessor: to build a world where humans and beasts live together in peace. However his player lifestyle still gets him into trouble.


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