Gangrel is a character from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

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Gangrel is a character from Fire Emblem: Awakening. The "Mad King" of the nation of Plegia, he harasses the nation of Ylisse with the intent to start conflict, wishing to claim the Fire Emblem, a magic shield, for himself. Eventually, his forces abduct Emmeryn, Ylisse's ruling exalt and the older sister of the protagonist Chrom. However, Emmeryn sacrifices herself to prevent the Fire Emblem from falling into Gangrel's hands. When word spreads of her selfless act, Gangrel's forces engage in a mass desertion. With no other option, he takes to the field of battle against the Ylissians but is defeated and presumed dead.

Unknown to either nation, he actually survived the battle. Afterwards he became a pauper, having lost all of his wealth and power, and became the lowly lackey to a group of pirates. When Chrom's forces engage the pirates, Gangrel attempts to goad Chrom into killing him but Chrom instead spares him, convincing him to throw his life away to help stop the Fell Dragon Grima if he wishes to die that badly. He dies a few years after the war ends, though whether he ruined another nation as king or died poor in the streets was contested by historians.

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Gangrel is an antagonistic Mirage that resides in a dungeon within a warped version of Shibuya's Central City District that has taken control of a fashion photographer, Nobu. Despite his large size, he specializes in controlling the desires of humanity and making them run wild.

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Gabgrel appears in SMT x FE
In-game screenshot of Gangrel
SMTxFE screenshot of Gangrel and Nobu Horinozawa
Gangrel make a "contract" with Nobu
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