Gale is a character in the Devil Children series.



He is a Rox and the demon partner of Akira.

DemiKids: Dark VersionEdit

Like Rand, Gale comes to Akira's aid when they summon a Gargoyle in Rem. He is eventually bestowed with the power of dark later on in the game.

Devil Children Ice BookEdit

Gale comes to Akira's rescue when he's about to be attacked by Penanggal in his Solron form. Isaac, however, takes away his power and reverts him back to a Rox.

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Gale, alongside Rand, saves their Devil Child from the assassins sent to kill them at the beginning of the game. Gale fights while Akira rides on his back.

Devil Children Puzzle de Call!Edit

Gale, along with Rand, both jump into the tiny world that sucks in their partners in order to rescue them, solving puzzles and obtaining demons as they traverse the world.


Gale in Messiah Riser
Gale in Devil Children: Light & Dark
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