"Shionyan is a goddess!"
—Gakuto Inoue, Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2

Gakuto Inoue is a character from Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2. He is a member of the Liberators.



Gakuto always has on an orange scarf, navy blue jacket, camouflage fatigue pants and folded olive-drab army boots.


Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2Edit

Gakuto is a retired JSDF soldier and mercenary from a private military organization who killed many terrorists at the Battle of Aleppo in Syria. He used to be fit as a fiddle, but let himself go after retiring and "put on a few pounds" as he himself jokingly states on occasion .

A devoted military fanatic, Gakuto's choice of profession was due to his addiction to FPS games, having played online with a lot of people from around the world. He is also an idol otaku and Shionyan's die-hard fan who passionately defends her from detractors.

He is later revealed to be part of the Liberators with the moniker Meat Balloon, specializing in infiltration and tactics using his professional background. Shionyan often calls him "Meatball" and soon becomes the idol's practical errand boy.

Gakuto becomes a usable character after clearing Chapter 6-7. His starting demon is a Horkos.

Dx2 Limit Break ScenarioEdit

This is unlocked after having Meat Balloon fight 10 Battles in Hell's Park.

Back when he was a mercenary, Meat Balloon had a war buddy named Clayton. When he told Clayton that he's going back to Japan to take it easy and quit the gun-for-hire trade, the latter promises to follow and requests Meat Balloon for a guided tour.

Some time later in the present, Meat Balloon obtains some information that there was an arms dealer outfit called "Clayton Gear" that was selling demons as weapons in the black market with the Acolytes overseeing the operations in Tokyo. He enlists the help of the Protagonist to get to the bottom of this. Chalk Eater also uses his hacking skills to dig up info while they do the legwork.

Meat Balloon's suspicions were spot on as he encounters Clayton, who didn't recognize him at first since he gained some weight. Upon defeat, Clayton quits the bad guy act and reveals the Acolytes were actually pressuring him into the trade. He wanted out, but couldn't. To this end, Clayton sent a messenger to Meat Balloon with the code-word they agreed upon before they parted ways. Moreover, they were not really "war buddies", but "otaku buddies", since Clayton was also into Japanese anime and manga culture.

With Meat Balloon's influence, Clayton soon became an idol otaku and Shionyan's newest fan.

Event ScenariosEdit

Santa's Little Hell-perEdit

Gakuto is assigned by Shionyan to hawk her concert tickets in the streets of Akihabara on a winter day and he collapses from the cold. A Jack Frost mistakes him for Santa Claus and offers assistance with selling tickets and giving out presents.




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