Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Opening Movie Cutscene!

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Opening Movie Cutscene!

OP Version.

GROOVY - Full Lyrics Video Persona 5 Dancing Star Night

GROOVY - Full Lyrics Video Persona 5 Dancing Star Night

Full version.

GROOVY is the main theme for Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight. The track was composed by Ryota Kozuka and performed by Lyn.


Time for some fun.
Let's start the trickster game.

It's showtime!
Let's get going!
Ain't it some fun
Taking a chance, or even two?
There's no guideline for doing it your way,
Let's just focus now
On what lies ahead.
Time to get ready
Cuz we’re taking over here.
(Wake up, get up, get out there!)

Come on let's be honest, right?
You've been waiting for us 'til now.
Here we are, and things are
Gonna get freaking hot and wild!

So can you feel the Jazz?
Or the beautiful Ballet?
How about a Tango?
Or maybe some Rock'n'Roll?
We'll bring it all to you
And guess what, you signed up for
Team A-W-E-S-O-M-E
Just say it, you don't need lame, pretty tunes.

Send BORING back to nowhere,
Come in for the whole deal, yeah.
That's what rhythm's about.

(Time to reunite, there is so much more to see.)
(Are you ready?)

Quid est Veritas?
We took over this stage
Right before you could even blink.
And we came to stay
High risk, high return.
We are the phantom
You have been chasin'
You can try'n catch us if you can, but
You won't.
(Wake up, get up, get out there!)

Get fired up, you wanna see
What's behind the mask, don't you?
Not like you didn't try before, haha!
Now what's your bet?

Follow the noise, come on
Follow the beat again
All your dear memories
Ready to flow with a new tune.
Taking you back to where
Our adventure began
We did our waiting, but here we are
Telling you to join our dance!

Don't tell me it's surprising
There still had to be more
This comeback was promised, yeah.
Now pack your bags, darling
If you don't wanna end up left behind alone
It's about time to be a
Part of this show that's
Gonna change your world
Let's rock!

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