GOLD is a fitness club, and a dungeon in the Persona 2 dualogy.






The bombs explode..


GOLD in flames

Innocent SinEdit

Tatsuya Suou's group goes to GOLD to find and disarm a bomb planted within. If the team chooses to go to Pachinko Silver instead, then GOLD will blow up. While there, they meet Maya Amano's roommate Ulala Serizawa. The team looks for the transmitter and riddle when they see a mysterious man who is a member of the Masked Circle.

Eternal PunishmentEdit

The team heads into GOLD to look for Ulala, who is turning into JOKER for doing the Joker curse. However, other members of the club tell them that Ulala has locked herself in the boxing area of the club, and another member in the upper floors has the key. It is later revealed by a young girl that the man with the key is called Mike, and that he would be in the women's dressing room in the third floor.

Upon entering the boxing gym, Ulala reveals that it wasn't Youichi Makimura that she wanted to kill, but Maya instead and a battle follows. Afterwards, Ulala explains that she cursed Maya while she was drunk, due to an inferiority complex she has. If the player picks the wrong choice at this point, Maia will never be able to mutate into Maia Custom.

Ulala is the taken into the Velvet Room, where Igor seals the Joker persona away. However, he explains that it's up to Ulala to keep it sealed.


Innocent SinEdit

  • 1F: Ag Incense x1, ¥50000
  • 3F: Mediarama Card x1, All Card x1

Eternal PunishmentEdit

  • 1F: Item/Clean Salt, Material/Rainbow Gleam
  • 3F: Tarot/Free Card (x5), Event/Gym Key


  • Indigo boxes indicate Innocent Sin bosses.
  • Purple boxes indicate Eternal Punishment bosses.

Innocent SinEdit

Enemy Lv HP Arcana Sword Icon IS Ranged2 Icon IS Strike Icon IS Thrown Icon IS Physical Icon IS Fire Icon IS Water Icon IS Wind Icon IS Earth Icon IS Ice Icon IS Elec Icon IS Nuclear Icon P1 Expel Icon IS Death Icon IS Almighty Icon IS Ailment Icon IS Drop Rare
Gandharva 2118817.0Star - - - - -DrWk - - - - -StSt -StSilver ManishaAgilao Card
Kraken 2119921.0World - - - - -WkNu - - - - -StSt -StTranquilizerAques Card
Pairika 2217118.0MoonWkNuNuNuNu - - - - - - -WkNu -NuMedicineGarula Card
Hel 2217413.0Death - - - - - - - - - - - -NuNu -StMagna CardMagnara Card
Taurus Mask 2 22154Tarus - - - - - - -WkRp - - -StSt -StMagnara Card -
Leo Mask 2 22154Leo - - - - -RpWk - - - - -StSt -StAgilao Card -
Scorpio Mask 2 22154Scorpio - - - - -WkRp - - - - -StSt -StMedia Card -
Aquarius Mask 2 22154Aquarius - - - - - - -RpWk - - -StSt -StIlluzone Card -
Lich 23166Devil------------WkNu-StPulinpa Card -
Rasputin 2415701.0MagicianWkWkWkWkWkNuNuNuNuNuNuNuNuNuNuNuTranquilizerGarula Card
Kabandha 2520812.0Hanged - - - - -WkNu - - - - -StSt -StMagical GuardMagical Mirror Card
Pyro Jack 2619006.0Lovers - - - - -DrWk - - - - -StSt -StAgi CardAgilao Card

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Enemy LV HP Arcana Weak Strong Void Absorb Reflect Area
Nekomata 1411209.0Hermit - - - -Mind, NerveAll
Kimnara 129617.0StarWaterFire - - -1F
Ixtab 136513.0Death - -Holy, Dark - -1F
Ochre Jelly 138416.0TowerHolyDark - - -1F
Angel 1411220.0JudgementDark -Holy - -1F
Tengu 1612801.0MagicianEarth -Wind - -1F
Minotaur 1512007.0ChariotMagicPhysical - - -1F - 2F
Wraith 1612815.0DevilSword, HolyOther phys - - -2F - 3F
Kiyohime 1713611.0StrengthWater -FireNuclear -2F - 3F
Shax 1713612.0HangedShot, Fire, EarthSword, AttackWater - -2F - 3F
Faust 2227601.0MagicianHoly -Dark - -2F - 3F
JOKER Ulala 20~950HumanEarthWind - - -Boxing Gym


Treasure and enemy info for Eternal Punishment from FAQ/Walkthrough by Yushiro