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This page is for explaining the Persona fusion in Megami Ibunroku Persona.


In order to create a Persona, the player must fuse Spell Cards acquired from demons via negotiation. The Order of the Spell Cards will determine the resulting Persona's Arcana (e.g Night x Fairy = Magician). The sequence in which the cards are fused is irrevelant, so both Snake x Drake and Drake x Snake will create a Persona of the Priestess Arcana. After that, the Persona itself is determined by the following formula:

The resulting Persona will always be of a higher level than the result of the equation. For example, if the result of the formula is 40, the resulting Persona will be at least level 41. The only exception to this rule is when the result of the formula is equal or higher than the level of the strongest Persona of that Arcana.

As a practical example, let's assume the player is going to fuse Sumizome (Fairy, level 40) and Orthrus (Beast, level 37). Their Orders will create a Priestess Persona, and the level formula results in 41, and so the resulting Persona will be Tensen Nyannyan (Priestess, level 46).

Spell Cards from bosses as well as demons belonging to the Karma, Meta and Fiend Orders cannot be acquired through natural means, only via the use of cheat codes. It's still possible to use them in fusion, but it's not recommended to do so. Enemies belonging to Orders that can't be normally obtained may freeze the game or worse.

The player may fuse a Persona that's at most 10 levels higher than the protagonist, but the Persona can only be equipped by a character with the same Persona Level as it. Until then, the Persona will stay in the Velvet Room stock.

Fusion Colors and Accidents

Each fuseable demon in the game belongs to one of four Types: Element, Force, Light, and Dark. In regular gameplay these Types help determine a demon's resistances and weaknesses (e.g Light demons being weak to Dark skills and vice-versa) but they also affect the outcome of the resulting Persona.

Fusions can be of three different colors: white, red, and blue. The color is determined by the affinity between the Spell Cards and it influences fusion accidents. The fusion colors may coexist with arrows if both conditions are met. The colors' effects are:

Color Effect Cause
White No extra effect.
12.5% chance of a fusion accident.
All other combinations.
Red No extra effect.
25% chance of a fusion accident.
Opposite Types
(Element x Force; Light x Dark)
Blue Highest stat +5 and Magic Attack +20.
16% chance of a fusion accident.
Same Type

The types of fusion accident are:

Effect Chance by Color
White Red Blue
Change to a Persona of another Arcana.
Change to a Persona of the Fool Arcana.
All stats -5.
All stats +2.
Inherits a spell from one random parent.
(Inheritable spells only and still obeys inheritance rules)

Fool Personas can only be created through fusion accidents. The following table is an addendum to the first accident type, "change to another Arcana." Once the 8/256 chance has been triggered, the Persona's Arcana will change according to those chances:

Arcana Chance
Lovers, Hermit, Temperance, Moon, Sun, World
Magician, Empress, Emperor, Justice
Priestess, Hierophant, Chariot, Judgement

Fusion Arrows and Inheritance

Some fusion combinations may also be represented by arrows, depending on the demon's species. Those arrows indicate that the resulting Persona may inherit a spell from one of its components. However, there are rules that govern which spells a Persona may inherit. The fusion arrows may coexist with colors if both conditions are met.

Arrow Effect Cause
Skill inherited from first demon in the fusion. Compatible species.
Skill inherited from second demon in the fusion.
All stats +1
Same species.
Skill inherited from second demon in the fusion.
All stats -1.
Incompatible species.

Let's assume the player will fuse a demon of the Yoma race with a demon of the Fairy Race. Yoma and Fairy belong to the Demons species, so the resulting Persona will have +1 to all of its stats and will inherit a skill from the second demon used in the fusion. Furthermore, Yoma and Fairy are both Element-type, which results in a blue fusion. In the end, the fusion result will be a Magician Persona with +6 to its highest stat, +20 magic attack, +1 to the remaining stats and will inherit a spell from the second card used in fusion.

The following table is an addendum representing the affinities between species.

Species Compatible Incompatible
Demons Animals Oni
Winged Birds Evil
Dragons Oni Birds
Birds Winged Dragons
Animals Demons Fouls
Oni Dragons Demons
Evil Fouls Winged
Fouls Evil Animals
Species Orders
Demons Night, Yoma, Fairy
Winged Divine, Fallen
Dragons Snake, Drake
Birds Flight, Raptor
Animals Beast, Wilder
Oni Femme, Brute, Jirae, Jaki
Evil Haunt, Spirit, Grave
Fouls Foul

Item Fusion

After selecting the Persona to fuse, Igor will ask the player if they want to add an item to the fusion. Different types of item have different effects. For more specifics on the effect of items in fusion see the List of Megami Ibunroku Persona Items page.

Item Type Effect
Skill Tablets Spell inheritance
Weapons Increase Strength
St Incense
Armor Increase Vitality
Vi Incense
Gauntlets Increase Dexterity
Dx Incense
Sabatons Increase Agility
Ag Incense
Helmets Increase Luck
Lu Incense
Ammo Increase Magic Attack and Defense
HP Incense
SP Incense
Consumables Random effect
Gemstones Change resulting Persona within Arcana
Totems Change resulting Persona

Random Effect Fusion

Caused by adding consumables to the fusion. When this happens, one of the following will happen:

+3 to a random stat.
-3 to a random stat.
Spell inheritance.

The following table is an addendum representing the spells that can be inherited from Random Effect fusion. They change depending on the moon phase at the time of fusion and the chances of inheriting a spell in each category is the same. Those spells still follow the inheritance rules.

Moon Phase Skills
NEW Dormina, Shibaboo, Pulinpa, Hapirma, Marin Karin, Makajam, Delyte, Slumpa, Poisma, Decover, Doroid, Quikka, Balzac, Mador, Wolvaan
1/8 Agi, Agilao, Bufu, Bufula, Garu, Garula, Magna, Magnara
2/8 Frei, Freila, Zan, Zanma, Gry, Gryva, Zio, Zionga
3/8 Maragi, Maragion, Mabufu, Mabufula, Magaru, Magarula, Mamagna, Mamagnara, Megido, Megidola, Mazan, Mazanma, Magry, Magryva, Mazio, Mazionga
HALF Eiha, Baeiha, Mudo, Mudoon, Kouha, Baikouha, Hama, Hamaon, Dia, Diarama, Media, Mediarama, Liftoma, Alsanga
5/8 Tarunda, Rakunda, Sukunda, Dekunda, Tarukaja, Rakukaja, Sukukaja, Makakaja, Dekaja, Tetraja, Makarakarn, Tetrakarn, Dia, Diarama, Media, Mediarama
6/8 Agidyne, Bufudyne, Garudyne, Magdyne, Freidyne, Zandyne, Grydyne, Ziodyne
7/8 Patra, Pen Patra, Posumudi, Paraladi, Petradi, Nervundi, Recarm, Alsanga
FULL Maragidyne, Mabufudyne, Magarudyne, Mamagdyne, Megidolaon, Mazandyne, Magrydyne, Maziodyne, Maeiha, Mamudo, Makouha, Mahama, Palarama, Nervma, Diarahan, Mediarahan

Totem Fusion

Adding a Totem to the fusion will change the resulting Persona. Each Totem is associated with a specific Persona and will change the fusion result to that one. For most Totems, the player just needs to add the totem to a fusion that would result into a Persona of the same Arcana as intended, but some of them require special fusions. For more information about Totems check the Totem page.

Gemstone Fusion

Using gemstones in fusion has a effect similar to fusing a Element race demon in the main Shin Megami Tensei series or a Treasure Demon in Persona 5. It allows the player to create a Persona of a higher of lower level than what the cards would normally create.

Gem Order -2 Order -1 Order +1 Order +2
Alexandrite Chariot Hierophant, World Magician, Priestess,
Hermit, Justice
Emperor, Judgement
Diamond None Lovers, Fool Priestess, Empress,
Hermit, Sun
Hierophant, World
Sapphire Justice Magician, Chariot Empress, Emperor, Lovers,
Sun, Judgement, Fool
Emerald None Priestess Magician, Emperor,
Hierophant, Judgement, World
Empress, Chariot,
Justice, Sun
Ruby Justice Empress,
Hermit, Sun
Priestess, Hierophant,
Lovers, World, Fool
Emperor, Judgement
Pearl None Magician,
Emperor, Judgement
Empress, Lovers, Chariot,
Hermit, Sun, Fool
Hierophant, World
Tanzanite Priestess, Hierophant,
Justice, World
Magician, Emperor, Lovers,
Chariot, Judgement, Fool
Opal Empress, Lovers,
Sun, Fool
Priestess, Hierophant,
Hermit, World
Chariot, Justice
Amethyst Magician Emperor,
Chariot, Judgement
Empress, Lovers,
Hermit, Sun, Fool
Garnet Priestess Hierophant, World Emperor, Chariot,
Hermit, Justice, Judgement
Aquamarine Magician,
Emperor, Sun
Hermit, Fool
Justice, World
Topaz Priestess, Sun Justice Lovers, Chariot Empress, Emperor,
Judgement, World
Moonstone Empress,
Sun, World
Magician, Justice Chariot Emperor,
Hierophant, Judgement
Malachite Emperor, Judgement Priestess, Hermit Justice, Fool Magician,
Hierophant, World
Onyx Hierophant,
Chariot, World
Empress, Sun Lovers,
Hermit, Fool
Turquoise None Emperor,
Justice, Judgement
Magician Empress,
Chariot, Sun

For example, should the player attempt to fuse Dark Elf and Hannya, the following will happen: their races are Fairy and Brute, which results in a Persona of the Hierophant Arcana. The Hierophant Personas in the game are:

Yama (4) °
Aizen Myouou (6)
Shouki (17)
Ogma (25)
Take-Mikazuchi (39)
Thor (52)
Fuhedi Mergane (74) °
Indra (89) °

The ° symbol indicates a Persona that can only be fused with a Totem.

That specific fusion would normally create Ogma. The gemtones that influence the Hierophant Arcana and their effects are:

Diamond, Pearn, Moonstone, or Malachite (Order +2): Resulting Persona will change into Thor.
Emerald, Ruby, Opal, or Aquamarine (Order +1): Resulting Persona will change into Take-Mikazuchi.
Alexandrite, Tanzanite, or Garnet (Order -1): Resulting Persona will change into Shouki.
Onyx (Order -2): Resulting Persona will change into Aizen Myouou.

Unknown Power

Unknown Powers are passive abilities that activate when a Persona-user is in low health. They are acquired by fusing demons of specific races under certain moon phases. In order for an Unknown Power to activate, the Persona must have Best Affinity with its user and be at least Rank 6.

For more information on Unknown Powers check the Unknown Power page.

Inheritance Rules

A Persona's type and subtype determine which spells it cannot learn. For more information on that check the Type and Subtype page. Personas may inherit spells through many ways:

Arrow fusion
Fusion accident
Random effect fusion
Skill tablet fusion

A Persona can only inherit one spell via fusion and in cases where a Persona can inherit a spell through more than one way, spells inherited through adding an item (random effect and skill tablet) take priority over spells coming from the demons themselves (accident and arrow fusion). Inherited spells are always learned at Rank 2.

A Persona cannot inherit a spell it already knows. Using a skill tablet on a Persona that cannot learn that spell (either because it already knows it or can't inherit it) is a waste with no benefit at all. During random effect fusion, it's possible for the spell randomly chosen to be one the Persona cannot inherit, which will also result in nothing.

When it comes to accidents and arrow fusion, the spells are inherited from the ingredient demons. Demons may have from zero to three inheritable spells. If a demon has inheritable spells, those will be listed first in their skill list. The order is not arbitrary as the demon will try to pass the first spell to the resulting Persona. If the Persona can't learn the spell, it'll move on to the second spell and so on.

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