The Fusion Forecast (合体予測, Gattai yosoku)? is a system unique to Persona 4 where potent bonuses can be granted to Personas fused on certain days. You can get this forecast for the current day and the day after it by visiting the Velvet Room.

Fusion Forecast TriggersEdit

Sometimes, conditions - also known as triggers - other than simply fusing on a given day must also be met in order to take advantage of these bonuses. They are fairly simple, though:

  • Ingredient Triggers - Use one or two given Personas or Personas from one or two given Arcana in order to receive the bonus.
  • Result Triggers - You will receive the bonus if you create a given Persona or a Persona of a given Arcana.

Fusion Forecast RewardsEdit

Meeting those conditions (if they exist for the day) can offer a range of rewards:

  • Bonus Stats - The Persona receives two permanent bonus stat points, which are always one for the strongest stat and one for the weakest stat (after any leveling from Social Link bonus experience.)
  • Bonus Social Link EXP - Any experience that the Persona receives from its corresponding Social Link is multiplied by a certain amount.
  • Bonus Skill - The Persona obtains a given skill. Yoshitsune, for example, can get Arms Master or Debilitate if he is fused on certain days.
  • Bonus Typed Skill - The Persona obtains a skill of a type that is specified beforehand (there are Fire, Ice, Electric, Wind, Recovery and Support Skill Days.) The higher the Persona's level after any leveling from Social Link bonus experience, the better the skill received. In this manner, it is possible for Personas to get skill upgrades or learn magic of a type that they are normally incompatible with. For example...
    • If Gabriel is fused on an Ice Skill Day, an upgrade from Mabufula to Bufudyne, which can become Mabufudyne with an Upright Magician, will be offered.
    • If Succubus is fused on a Recovery Skill Day, she can learn Mediarama, which she cannot learn or inherit.
  • Skill Change - One of the Persona's skills is randomly chosen and the choice is given of whether to change it or not. If the option to change it is taken, the skill changes into a skill of a similar caliber (as determined by the game). This opens up still more possibilities - for example, if Isis is fused on a Skill Change Day, Absorb Ice can potentially change into Primal Force, which is all the more amazing since she cannot learn or inherit physical attack skills. A well known example is allowing Kaiwan to change Tetrakarn into many high powered skills, including Victory Cry.

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