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[[File:Freya.jpg|thumb|Artwork from ''Devil Children Fire/Ice Book''.]]
[[File:Freya.jpg|thumb|Artwork from ''Devil Children Fire/Ice Book''.]]
'''Freya''' is a recurring demon in the series.
'''Freya''' (フレイア, ''Fureia'') is a recurring demon in the series.

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Artwork from Devil Children Fire/Ice Book.

Freya (フレイア, Fureia) is a recurring demon in the series.


Freya is a major goddess in Norse Paganism. Freya is portrayed as a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful, Freya is described as the fairest of all goddesses, and people prayed to her for happiness in love. She was also called on to assist childbirths and prayed to for good seasons.

Freya was also associated with war, battle, death, magic, prophecy, and wealth. She is cited as receiving half of the dead lost in battle in her hall Folkvangr, whereas Odin would receive the other half at Valhalla.





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