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Fred is a character from Digital Devil Saga 2.



A young boy, who is the son of Greg, the previous leader of the Lokapala. He loses his faith in grown-ups after seeing Roland become an alcoholic, and because the promise that his father would eventually return is never kept. He keeps an olive branch in his notebook as a memento of his father (identifying him as Lupa's vaguely-remembered son). He has a generally upbeat and bright personality, and soon develops a strong bond with the members of the Embryon. Even Roland admires the boy's strength of will. As Fred watches the Embryon's struggles, he learns how to cope with loss and become a stronger person from it.

He eventually grows up to be the guardian of the reincarnated Embryon, and leads the world to a new era of prosperity.


Fred pre-Embryon marks.
Fred grown up.
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