Fouls (外道, Gedō)? are a species in the Megami Tensei series. Most of them are corrupted spirits that are bound to the human realm, and unholy creatures created against the will of God. They don't possess any kind of living being, just scare them at the point that they die in fear. Soulless beings also belongs to this species.


Race Japanese Meaning Alignment
Foul 外道 Heretical Dark-Chaos
Vermin 幽虫 / 妖虫 Ghost Insect / Mystic Insect Dark-Neutral
Demonoid デモノイド Demonoid Neutral-Neutral
Rumor 怪異 Strangeness Dark-Neutral *
Karma 業魔 Karmic Demon Dark-Evil *
マシン / 機械 Machine (Device) Dark-Law

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