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Throughout the SMT series, YHVH is shown as a vain dictator who lives under the delusion that:

"simply because "God orders it," everyone will just bend over and capitulate" - Lucifer, Shin Megami Tensei II (Chaos route)

In both SMTI and SMTII, you could choose to align with him or defy him, both with catastrophic results. What I want to find out in this discussion topic is the motives for his T.Y.K. plot, if he has any, why the Messians bother to worship such a vain dictator, and why he vilified everything against him. GrassoLife 15:24, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

PictomancerWill says: The Messians (like Christians) see a promise of hope in his 1000 year kingdom (heaven) because they see hope for the weak, probably because they are weak themselves. Also, it's the fear of his divine wrath that forces others to believe.

BunkerMan says: His motives are obvious, though. He wants to create a world where there is no evil. And presumably, like Light from death Note, he thinks that the only way to do this is to simply kill anyone who isn't perfecftly good. If you combine the ideas of SMT II and Nocturne, then presumably the conception itself is done to restart the world whenever it gets too "corrupt", in the same way he wanted to do in the original SMT games. However, if you assume that Strange journey is part of the same overall plot, something Mastema says further explains the idea. He talks about being allowed to evolve to higher stages of existence, as a reward for your actions. It's possible then, that humans he deems "worthy" get to join in the fight against Lucifer, and are granted with special powers. (Like Metatron, who got to become an angel.) and he kills off everyone else, and reincarnates them into a new life, or world or whatever, to see if he could get them to join him the next time. (Unless like with Aleph, he decides to just screw them over forever, instead.) Therefore the final perfect "World" would be not the simple LAW society, which is just more of an indoctrinization training ground, but the world composed of all transcended humans that would be achieved once Lucifer is permanently defeated. Presumably transcended humans would still be expected to be Lawful, though.

Also, though this part is more sketchy, I think the vain dictator thing is half serious, but half done just as an act in order to make sure people are scared enough to follow him. (Machiavelli style.) In the LAW ending of Shin Megami Tensei II, it seems like he is more of like, a close friend with Satan, than a remote leader. It's more like YHVH and Satan pronounce judgement on eachother for commiting genocide, and then accept death together, as a self-inflicted punishment.

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