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I have changed the width setting of template:SMTIVstats from width:80% to min(imum)-width:650px. The reason I did that is because the inconsistency of stat table width between (old) Monobook skin and (new) Wikia Oasis skin. The width of main body (the actual area which contains the article content) of Monobook skin is practically unlimited as wide as your browser, but this is not true for Wikia Oasis skin, its body width is dynamically static at 650px (or 985px if you reduce your browser width small enough to force the right side bar away to the bottom of the body). The problem is that the text of some stat cells can be too sandwiched or badly justified in Wikia skin. Setting Width:80% means that there is only 520px width for the stat which to me is too tight. I don't use width:100% because the stat table would otherwise too spread out in Monobook skin, but min-width allows the table to stretch further, given that there is enough width of the body area. -- Inpursuit (talk) 12:00, December 5, 2013 (UTC)