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Hello all,

I'm a major fan of the Shin Megami Tensei series, and I noticed something strange about the timelines. They don't have the timelines separated per series. Ex: SMT1 goes to SMT2, but SMT2 doesn't lead to SMT3:nocturne. The storylines are actually convergent. All I know is that to get to the Nocturne timeline, the order is:

DSRKvsSA>>DSRKvsKA>>chaos ending>>Nocturne>>Yosuga ending>>Digital Devil Saga>>Digital Devil Saga 2

To get to SMT1, it goes;

DSRKvsSA>>DSRKvsKA>>law ending>>SMT1>>neutral ending>>SMT Imagine or SMT9>>SMT2

And for Persona it goes:

DSRKvsSA>>DSRKvsKA>>neutral ending>>SMTif>>Persona>>Persona2EP

Persona>>ice queen quest good ending>>Persona 2 IS>>Persona 3>>Persona 4

DOes anyone else know the rest of the timelines or any gaps?? THankx:)

Yo, Ian here,

Just to clarify, its been stated that nocturne takes place in an alternate reality, on of the bosses (I think it was beelzibub) mentions alternate realities. But there still might be a connection to SMT2. Theres a lot of evidence that Hijiri is actually the main character of SMT2, if you complete the labyrinth of amala's fifth kalpa you find that he died during the conception but still exists because its his punishment for committing the "ultimate sin." Now, if you know SMT2 like I do, you know that the final boss is always YHVH no matter what alignment you are, and no matter what alignment you choose, the main character is always punished for "committing the ultimate sin"(killing YHVH) that punishment is to be trapped in an endless cycle of suffering, death and rebirth, being forced to witness the creation and destruction of each world without having any chance to affect the outcome. Plus, his final words in the game imply that he didnt know he was Aleph in a previous life until he started tapping into the power of amala

Thanx Ian:) This is Glenn again, I understand that Nocturne takes place in an alternate reality(the Raidou Kuzunoha vs KA chaos ending opens that reality). I also found evidence that Strange Journey takes place after a Nocturne ending...... Louis Cypher is in teh game:)

OA's big timeline discussion thingEdit

The following is my interpretation of stuffs and not official facts.
Lets start with the beginning, the original games, and how they link into the original "Digital Devil Story" novels.
Even this is not without complications, since the third novel, Demise of the Reincarnation is incompatible with the earlier Famicom Megami Tensei. So we have two similar timelines right away.

Next is Shin Megami Tensei. One of the more basic ones, unless you try to connect it to other games.
Nocturne and Strange Journey seem to stand alone, if in terms of timeline only. SJ may follow from Nocture's "Neutral" ending, it may not.

Next on to Devil Summoner, the real good part.

DS:RKvSA -> DS:RKvKA -> SMT:if... -> P1 -> DS -> P2:EP* -> P3 -> P4 -> DS:SH
Wasn't that fun? Some notes:

  • DS and P1 can be switched in order if you want. What matters is P1 has to be after if... and DS has to be before P2.
  • Soul Hackers is at the end because I can find no hint of when exactly it happens. It seems too futuristic to be before any of the other games though.
  • *Spoilers The reason Eternal Punishment is on here is because P2:IS is kinda a dead end. Play the game for more info.

The rest is either self explanatory (Digital Devil Saga 2 comes after Digital Devil Saga) or just stuff I don't know about. Also, none of this is foolproof and it is more connected than shown (for example, this guy who appears in DS:RKvSA is implied to be SMTII-era Temple Knight, and, as noted, Aleph is implied to be Hijiri.) Not to mention all the YHVHs, Lucifers, and Seraphs seem to be the same characters across universes. Cheers!--Otherarrow 12:31, August 5, 2010 (UTC)

Seems pretty accurate. About the same as what I thought, SJ probably does continue from SMTN nuetral ending. I know about teh IS one, its an alternate universe from Eternal Punishment(although IS has been referenced as the real world as opposed to EP). I also noticed that unless the Ice Queen Quest is completed with the good ending in P1, P3 never happens. Its basically

P1>>>IQQ good ending>>>Persona 2 EP>>>Persona 3>>>P4.


P1>>>Later normal ending(not the early bad ending)>>>Persona 2 IS>>>****persona 3 can not happen***>>>straight to persona 4

That is actually why Atlus pushed to have Persona released with the Ice Queen Quest for PSP in the states. Otherwise, they wouldn't be giving us access to the Persona 3 timeline. Please note: There are both a good and bad ending to the snow queen quest. The bad ending is a dead end.


....What? Did you even play P1? I don't see how the SEBEC route happening somehow makes it so that Persona 3 cannot happen. The Snow Queen Quest is unrelated to P3 (SQQ Asura Queen doesn't seem to be P3 Nyx. Not sure if they are completely incomparable yet though). Besides, the P2 games imply that both happened somehow (maybe Yukino and whoever, aside from Reiji, you didn't recruit did the Snow Queen Quest off-screen?), but the "main" events of P1 did happen in both "timelines". The "rewriting universe" thing at the end of Innocent Sin only affects the events and backstory exclusive to Persona 2. The events of P1 are not affected at all. (In fact, Eternal Punishment has more connection to P1's SEBEC route than Innocent Sin did IMO.)--Otherarrow 19:18, August 6, 2010 (UTC)
EDIT: Wait wait wait, "straight to persona 4". You do know that the world gets destroyed at the end of Innocent Sin, right? Which is why the world of Eternal Punishment was created in the first place.--Otherarrow 19:42, August 6, 2010 (UTC)
All im sure of is this:
SMT: If leads to Persona 1 because Tamaki moves to Mikage-cho
Persona 1 leads to Persona 2 Innocent Sin
Since at the end of IS the world ends, in this universe P3 and P4 never happened since Tatsumi Port Island and Inaba were destroyed.
Innocent Sin's end made another universe be created, which is Persona 2 Eternal Punishment's alternate universe.
After EP, P3 happened and after that P4 happens because Elizabeth left to save P3's main character, which is why Margaret took her place.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I also agree but:
Persona > Persona 2 (Both) > Persona 3 True ending! > Persona 4 Any ending
You need to get the True ending part in there because if Minato chooses to kill Ryoji then "The Fall" happens and no one would live because Nyx wiping out the world. Which could be the end of the timeline because It is a valid ending. But it is an alternet ending.
Also in Persona there's no events that could potentially change the course of the timeline... Even in Persona 4 Golden if Adachi get's away with the murders and Yu desides to help that won't effect the P5 protaginist. At least for now I could always be wrong. Thanks
However, if the background setting of persona 5 would be streets filled with shadows and little survivors, it would mean that Yu did not defeat Ameno-sagiri in time and thus causing the apocalyptic doom of the future. - Z 
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