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TopicLast EditLast Author
Tabs and Organization22:52, 10 October 2020Great Mara
Combining Mystic Change and Sword Fusion20:02, 23 September 2020Noilaedi
Organizing Confidant Info in Character Articles01:23, 24 May 2020NoIDontKnow
Devil Children demon article lead images23:58, 5 May 2020Great Mara
P5'S PS4 Sprites05:55, 22 April 2020Bluerfn
Collaboration Image Category01:47, 13 April 2020Bluerfn
PQ stat tables05:24, 8 February 2020Gadjiltron
A user opened a Megaten wiki discord.19:44, 5 January 2020Great Mara
Template08:02, 15 December 2019Bluerfn
Persona 5 Fused Persona Quotes05:24, 29 October 2018Noilaedi
Devil Children PS stats template19:54, 17 June 2018Bluerfn
Monobook Is No Longer Available02:22, 26 May 2018Bluerfn
Reporting Vandalism?19:36, 18 May 2018Bluerfn
P2 demons and bosses version differences18:14, 16 May 2018Bluerfn
Appearances outside Megaten00:11, 26 October 2017Bluerfn
Weird Glitch With Stats19:19, 28 September 2017JudgeRichter
FANDOM is researching how fans edit on your community19:47, 12 September 2017BertH
Personality section22:18, 22 May 2017AlexShepherd
Stat Template Problem10:24, 7 May 2017Gadjiltron
Persona 5 main bosses stats03:30, 1 May 2017Tathra
P5 Spoilers and the wiki04:55, 16 September 2016Bluerfn
Persona 5 shadow versus demon21:23, 25 August 2016JupiterKnight
Missing P4 and P3 Stats?03:41, 13 July 2016Great Mara
Removal of Shadow Symbolism sections21:29, 22 December 2015Paper-Scrap
Justification of doujin artwork04:23, 4 September 2015Inpursuit
Transitioning to more mobile-friendly infoboxes08:05, 29 August 2015Tathra
Table hover effect14:12, 22 July 2015Inpursuit
Common.css edit request04:10, 29 May 2015Inpursuit
Enemy Persona Stats19:29, 23 April 2015Bluerfn
Example Articles08:25, 7 April 2015Bluerfn
Demon article lead image02:13, 2 April 2015Bluerfn
Centralized skill data for stat templates00:08, 28 March 2015Inpursuit
Gamebox Hide romaji in abbr07:13, 11 March 2015Bluerfn
The term "Personae"08:39, 2 March 2015Bluerfn
Demon Portraits on the main page08:22, 2 March 2015Bluerfn
Changing SMT3 background CSS23:33, 1 March 2015Inpursuit
"Non-Playable Characters"06:20, 18 January 2015Bluerfn
Appearances Listings23:17, 11 December 2014Tathra
Why doesn't my latest blog post show up on my blog?09:45, 22 November 2014GalaxiaWild
Category for voice actors01:01, 21 October 2014Bluerfn
Megami Tensei Wiki Category08:38, 2 October 2014Tathra
Race names for JP games16:15, 8 August 2014Zettaizetsubou
P2EP Sprite Ripping21:18, 8 June 2014Tathra
Modifying Oasis layout03:10, 15 May 2014Inpursuit
Strange blurred pictures on pages?09:26, 13 May 2014Bettafishrule2579
Project Page for Unused Images02:45, 10 April 2014Bluerfn
Sixth Anniversary18:19, 27 February 2014Bluerfn
More color codes06:55, 16 February 2014Bluerfn
Status Ailment Skills05:34, 15 February 2014Bluerfn
Video/Media Files19:50, 20 December 2013Bluerfn
Width of stat tables12:03, 5 December 2013Inpursuit
Japanese Romanization04:06, 5 December 2013Inpursuit
Disabling visual mode06:35, 23 October 2013Bluerfn
Borders for game tables13:14, 7 October 2013Bluerfn
Inconsistant internal naming03:53, 3 October 2013Bluerfn
Appearances section05:37, 25 September 2013Tathra
KMT Spell Names03:54, 7 September 2013Otherarrow
Preferred system names?14:31, 26 August 2013Zahlzeit
P4G Enemy Information Resource06:38, 17 August 2013Bluerfn
Setting Table03:33, 13 August 2013Inpursuit
Action on Images04:19, 6 August 2013Bluerfn
Persona 4 Golden "To Do"s?17:49, 5 August 2013Zahlzeit
White background on here?01:21, 30 July 2013Bettafishrule2579
Italic font usage06:33, 26 July 2013Zahlzeit
SMTIV Spoilers18:05, 25 July 2013Otherarrow
Merge profile and stats section of demon article13:22, 23 July 2013Bluerfn
Spell Page splits20:02, 15 July 2013Otherarrow
How do you change the name of forum posts?13:47, 20 June 2013GalaxiaWild
Cult of Gaia and Order of Messiah pages.15:39, 9 April 2013Otherarrow
Please edit Wikia.css17:06, 9 March 2013Bluerfn
Skill Change Text17:00, 9 March 2013Zahlzeit
Show/hide and pics not working?01:14, 2 March 2013Bettafishrule2579
Race categories03:30, 26 January 201376.191.145.36
Move list for older stats templates03:03, 14 November 2012Snowmanie
SMT1 Template: Number of Attacks/Hits02:06, 13 November 2012Snowmanie
Front Page and Wiki in general03:51, 1 November 2012Otherarrow
Should there be categories for Law, Chaos, and Neutral characters?22:09, 10 October 2012Crok425
How do you change an article's name?15:19, 19 September 2012Zahlzeit
DS: Raidou`s Status table?20:44, 8 August 2012Yafusa
Eikichi's dad?00:45, 28 July 2012Zahlzeit
Unofficial arcana images08:37, 22 July 2012222.154.234.207
Navigation Templates13:36, 19 July 2012Otherarrow
Formatting To Do List01:13, 27 June 2012Bettafishrule2579
Zoma Pages23:34, 26 June 2012JupiterKnight
PSA: Do NOT impulsively add information14:39, 16 June 2012Otherarrow
Side Banners14:30, 14 June 2012Bettafishrule2579
God links to YHVH?21:07, 13 June 2012Snowmanie
P2 Persona Template21:48, 11 June 2012Bettafishrule2579
Demon races/clans/Nocturne translations19:55, 11 June 2012Snowmanie
P2IS PSX and PSP Merge?17:15, 11 June 2012Otherarrow
Template Colors21:44, 2 June 2012Zahlzeit
Occult "Mythology"?06:49, 2 June 2012Zahlzeit
Related videos module coming soon16:40, 25 May 2012Sarah Manley
Demon Names: Present or Memorable?03:36, 17 May 2012Zahlzeit
Design section19:05, 9 May 2012Zahlzeit
Force, Wind, And Blast18:03, 26 April 2012Zahlzeit
Trivia & Gallery Order01:25, 21 April 2012Zahlzeit
Appearance Sections02:37, 5 April 2012Zahlzeit
Administrator Status Request02:47, 28 March 2012Bluerfn
Zombie pages04:14, 29 January 2012Great Mara
Wiki Improvement Drive20:59, 30 November 2011MinatoHikari
Persona 4 anime Screenshots02:59, 27 November 2011Bluerfn
Why was the Medusa page deleted?17:51, 5 November 2011Great Mara
Severe article quality issues...13:28, 5 November 2011Bluerfn
New Wikia Editor?14:17, 26 August 2011Bluerfn
Featured users00:33, 23 July 2011Bluerfn
Catherine17:40, 28 March 2011Otherarrow
An off-topic Forum11:17, 18 March 2011Wubububu man
How come Lucifer is always the featured article?15:38, 19 February 2011Bluerfn
Polls and Battles!00:40, 8 January 2011Bluerfn
Featured Article and Media03:27, 6 January 2011Zelros
3 Articles?21:18, 17 November 2010FangzV
Where do you get the tables from?20:58, 17 November 2010FangzV
There's a website for Devil Summoner images.12:33, 9 August 2010Bluerfn
Sprites for the Devil Children/DemiKids games?19:48, 2 August 2010Pinkgriffon
Ame-no-Uzume's article is empty!21:50, 4 July 2010Great Mara
What kind of game is Persona, megame tensei?18:52, 10 June 2010Trisagion
Is anyone active?00:38, 13 January 2010Bluerfn
Best 8ht skill for Yoshitsune?16:40, 11 January 2010Zelros
Two NINE pages?03:27, 11 January 2010Bluerfn
Anons should not be able to edit userpages05:43, 10 November 2009Takoto
Demons by mythology catagories03:31, 12 September 2009MaouGeek
Tabularizing Lists05:52, 20 August 2009Bluerfn
Good Luck Icy05:14, 6 August 2009Bluerfn
What? What? Where did the community links go?11:05, 4 August 2009Bluerfn
Talk page heads up^10:58, 4 August 2009Bluerfn
Monaco dark skin14:21, 20 July 2009Bluerfn
Persona Stats Tables17:42, 14 July 2009Yksehtniycul