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This is about Persona 3(Portable to be exact). I'm going to need the other 3 to create Thanatos. Anyone had a clue on how to fuse/find Pale Rider, Samael and Mot.

Oh and another thing required for Alice. Nata Taishi, What are the personae needed to fuse Nata Taishi.

If you still care to know after about a week, you can probably find the answer on GameFAQs or some other site. If, for some reason, you don't want to go there or prefer here, I'll list them below:

Pale Rider: You apparently need to complete Quest 8 (Creating a Valkyrie with Tarakaja, I believe). I also hear you can get it from Pyro Jack + Mithra.

Samael: Rangda + Mithra

Mot: Ubelluris + Eligor

Nata Taishi: Oberon + Decarabia

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