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I'd Like If at all possible some help getting a good recipe for a trifusion byakko DX I say trifusion becuase i would like to some how get Spell Master, Thunder Reign, Null Fire and maybe a good Healing spell if possible all on him in fusion... Survive Dark/Light or endure might also be nice due to the difficulty to come across the protection item with out farming the materials for the shop... any help would be appriciated x3 seeing as im kind of noob at megami I was looking for tips for a easy way to do this...

I Know so far that Odin would be good to Put into it to get thunder reign and Spell master from him, which means the other peices of the trifusion need to add up to make a hanged man if I understand the guide i saw correctly e.e; it cofused me a bit...

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES: Fusion Database by Arthellinus was the guides name .-.

Thanks again ^.^

First time playing a megami game but im enjoying it :3 (yes i know im kind of slow to find out about the series x.x I live under a rock so you cant blame me)

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