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My name is Mark aka Lucky. I make Electronica music and recently got inspired by the Persona series (mainly the 3rd game) and wanted to create music because of it. And this project came about to create this jazz/electronica sound that I love to hear in Shoji Meguro's music. Now I don't feel that I'm on par at all with his talent but I made an album that was created fully based on inspiration from these great video game series. It's available totally free for download. Because I made it for the fans to enjoy. Why should you have to pay for that? In fact all of my albums are free but this one is very special too me. I hope you check it out, download it, and reply here in this thread and let me know your personal opinion on the album! Thanks - DJ Lucky of Sleeping Awake

You can download it in any audio file format too. FLAC, MP3, etc.ll