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What do you think that Team Persona should add on Persona 5?

Post here your wishlist =D

My Persona 5 WishlistEdit

  • Time passing system (like Catherine).
  • Zeus as initial Persona (only because Zeus didn't appeared in any other Persona game)
  • Philemon
  • New Velvet Room
  • Persona 4 references and/or cameos
  • Voiced NPCs
  • More characters' customization
  • Inaba
  • Catherine references and/or cameos
  • Multiple endings
  • Male and Female protagonists and anime cutscenes for both

MinatoHikari 23:58, January 28, 2012 (UTC)

Well, maybe have Zeus as an Ultimate Persona (for the Emperor Arcana party member) as he's King of the Gods. And I think multiple endings are a given. Aside from that though...

  • Moon Phase progression system. (like Persona 3/P3FES/P3P)
  • Weather System. (like Persona 4/P4G only just affecting available activities and not stoyline progression)
  • Tarot Card Persona Summoning. (no Evokers, please)
  • The ability to romance any Social Link characters regardless of either their or the Protagonists gender.
  • Theodore and Margaret both as Velvet Room attendants regardless of player gender.
  • If either Theodore or Margaret (or both) is/are a Social Link(s), ability to romance him/her on 2nd playthrough. ~Yu Arisato
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