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I just wanted to make some of you aware of a program I have been developing since last August. It is named 'Igor's Index', and helps the user quickly find details of every Persona. It also calculates Normal and Triple spread fusions, and lets you search out specific persona based on criteria like what type of skills they inherit, their starting level, etc.

Currently only Persona 3: FES - The Journey is 100% supported. If this generates a modest amount of interest I intend on adding P3, P3FES: The Answer, P3P, and P4.

The wiki's spam filter blocks me posting the actual url, so I used a shrinkster link instead, which redirects you to the project home page. Feed back is welcome and I really hope some of you can find this useful as a compliment to the info on this site!

Shrinkster link to the project page is here. TiredTracks 02:26, February 28, 2010 (UTC)