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Looking through the pages for Persona 5 characters, I noticed a linking theme behind most of the cooperation characters (and at least one party member): They are all named in part after real people. This got me wondering, if some of them are themed after real people, maybe all of them are? Anyway, here is what we got recorded to the wiki so far:

  • Playables:
    • Emperor: Yusuke Kitagawa is based on Utamaro Kitagawa (also known as Yusuke, making this a near straight name lift), a Japanese artist well known for woodblock prints.
    • Hermit: While not based on a particular persona, Futaba Sakura appears to be named after the Futaba Channel, a popular Japanese imageboard.
    • Unknown: Goro Akechi is based on Kogoro Akechi, the Japanese equivalent to Sherlock Holmes. (Makes me wonder what his Persona is going to be, hrm...)
  • Cooperation:
    • Hierophant: Sojiro Sakura is based on Sogoro Sakura, a legendary village leader who stood up for tax reduction but got executed for it.
    • Temperance: Sadayo Kawakami is based on Sadayakko Kawakami, a geisha turned famous actress.
    • Tower: Shinya Oda is based on Oda Nobunaga...who I probably don't need to introduce.
    • Star: Hifumi Togo is based on Hifumi Kato, a (male) shogi champion.
    • Moon: Yuki Mishima is based on Yukio Mishima, author who more directly inspired Gotou.
    • Sun: Toranosuke Yoshida is based on Torajirou Yoshida, a short-lived but influential Meiji era intellectual.

The only people who we don't have name inspirations note for are the rest of the playables, Chihaya Mifune, Munehisa Iwai, Tae Takemi and Ichiko Oya. I am sure at least the Cooperation characters are themed after someone, as I feel if you are basing so many supporting characters on real people, might as well do it for all of them.--Otherarrow (talk) 15:24, September 2, 2016 (UTC)

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