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Okay I messed on the title already with leaving out the word "do" in it.

Anyway, I am STILL trying to get the 100% compendium on Persona 4 file. I am level 91 I have Izangi-no-Okami already (and he is disappointing). I am missing one Persona, Lucifer. In order to achieve this I need to be level 93. I do NOT have the Mandara Robe that grants 50% more experience. And all battles with or 4 or more shadows grant an average of 550 Exp. Due to these fact I lose interest in the grind on the final day for the true ending. The battles most include over killing with Yoshitsune using Hassou Tobi. And if that doesn't over kill the shadows then I resort to Kanji and Chie's element attacks, and some times Yukiko melting the shadow's face off. And since after every level the next experience goal is over 32,000, which is a lot considering the lack of Exp I receive. I guess my question is, should I just continue the grind and potentially put down the game until I get motivation to grind again? Or should I beat this file, and do 100% social links and still have another chance to beat Margaret (Which was fun) and have a lot more motivation to continue with it? Though the choice is obvious that I should continue, but ask yourself this would you rather be bored and grinds or having fun with grinding?

--Zelros 23:50, December 5, 2009 (UTC)

--Well, yeah, obviously, you should do it again on a new file. This is a GAME, after all, and if your gaming time starts feeling like work, something is wrong there.

Go to Youtube and look for a vid that shows you how to earn exp really quick. It has to do with that Pringles looking guy that summons out those fat baby looking creatures.

~Deadkid0 June 24, 2010 - 9:52 A.M

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