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As I think every user is aware, Wikia is launching a new, updated Editor. This Editor is much compact than the current New Wikia Editor used in this wiki:

  • Instead of a button, tabs switch between Source mode and Visual mode.
  • The right hand side of the edit window houses the options of the "Insert" buttons above as well as the Summary bar and Publish/Preview buttons.
  • The immediate upper side of the edit window houses larger "Text appearance" buttons.
  • Scrolling is pretty much eliminated for the entire browser: it's only limited to the edit window.

I'm thinking of bringing this feature to the Wiki, but I would love to hear what users think. Please "Support" or "Oppose", optionally with a reasoning below. With enough "Support" we'll put this to active, or enough "Oppose" and we'll hold off using it. The discussion ends on 00:00, September 1, 2011 (UTC)

If you like to learn more about the Editor, check out :