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You know, I think too much. That's why I came up with these sectors of the Schwartzweldt. These are made because I feel these are problems of humanity that are worth giving light to. ;3 These are more of social and ethical problems, rather than issues of environment and ethics.

Sector 1: A sector populated with statues, under them the crushed piles of bodies and flesh of sacrifices, with blood seeping from the floor. Some statues have both a pile mix of flesh and ruin of statues, and some are plain piles of dead animals, or trees. A dull golden sky shadowed by clouds illuminates the area, with the skyline showing nothing but flat barren plains of dirt and plateaus that once were mountains. Represents mankind's vanity of religion and self deluded entitlement of divine superiority.

Sector 2: A city filled with abandoned beautiful buildings, defaced with offensive graffiti, with some of them collapsing, with a neighborhood filled with the burnt ruins of these buildings, and the center neighborhood, filled with renovated buildings, but filled with deathly still mannequins, with unhappy expressions on their faces. Represents mankind's ungratefulness of their own expressions of any manifestation, or of any other culture other than their own, and their own unfaithfulness and ignorance of the values and meaningful investments that were put into them.

Sector 3: A forest and meadow mixed with a village and a castle town. The forest is filled with rotting eaten corpses, the meadow's flowers blooming from scattered corpses, with the village filled with occult obscenities, and some buildings coated with intestines. The castle town is clean and delicate, with their depths and rooms filled with defiled corpses and words written in blood. The church in the town has no floor, and drops to a chamber filled with skeletons. Represents mankind's inherent evil, hypocrisy, and inhumanity that spawns from the abuse of both concepts of Law and Chaos.

Got any of your own? Can't wait to see them. ;3 Mask no Oni 02:54, October 7, 2011 (UTC)