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List your Demons, if you have any, from the MMPORG game in this series; Shin Megami Tensei-IMAGINE

My list is(short since I'm only level nine in right now...and some spoilers)

Wilder Garm(Gotten from Demon Fusion)

Brave Garm(After completing Snakeman's Quest asking for a Leader Pixie and giving it up.)

Nimble Cerberus(After completing Snakeman's Quest also, but I changed it into a mountable version so it was from a Wounded Cerberus to a Nimble one)

Inexperienced Cu Sith(Gotten after practing on the skill of befriending demons, this was my first sucessful demon contract)

Inexperienced Cait Sith(A practice on Befriending Demons)


Hathor-It hates me and I hate it,so i am waiting to lvl and fuse it away

Archangel-Trusting,my favorite Persona right now <- It's a Demon, not a Persona. Common mistake by the newbies who've heard of SMT through the Persona 3 craze.

Nimble Cerberus(from the Shinjuku Babel quest)

My other char:

Joyful Alice(Event Code,love it)

Brave Garm(Snakeman's)

Nimble Cerberus(S.Babel)

And a white-long-haired demon that looks like a broom and i forgot it's name,need to get rid of it ASAP

Dusk Izanagi 18:27, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

Looks like there's no love for Datsue-Ba. XD

Joyful Alice (overrated)

Hua Po (Kills Shit! 8P)

Inexperienced Jack Frost (Barely use it)

Pixie (Second only to Hua Po) Great Mara 20:53, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

Nimble Cu Chullain

Nekomata (can't get rid of it)


Inexperienced Decarabia (bragging rights for drop rate)

High Pixie

IsamuNita (look me up in-game) 19:01, May 9, 2010 (UTC)

Wounded Cerberus (Hopfully I will be able to make it Nimble soon. Obtained from Snakeman after completing Leader Fairy quest)

Leader Fairy (I plain to get rid of it...eventually)

Lost Hua Po (She kills things in two hits!!! She's a keeper!)



-Inexperienced Cerberus

-Inexperienced Uriel

-Inferno Pyro Jack





Artemis (main ally)


Taraka (waiting to be fused)

Tarasque (waiting to be fused)

Koppa Tengu (fusion fodder)

Inexperienced Surt (got from act 13)

GalaxiaWild 23:03, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

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