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In the Chaos path, Lucifer creates a world where you are free to kill anyone you wish (as opposed to God's plan for a world where only those who worship him may live), where you're only defence would be to able to kill others yourself. But there's a bit of fridge logic here, since Lucifer is the same guy that just about every demon you randomly encounter and kill reports to.

There's another odd quirk to his world plan. As mentioned before, in Lucifer's world you're free to kill anyone you wish. But the problem is that technically we already are. The mere fact that people can, if they wanted to, ignore the laws made for them, albeit with the appropriate authority chasing you down afterwards. My point is, the human laws are not the laws of nature, and if God needs to punish people (and/or demons) for breaking his "holy laws", then clearly they can be broken, and thus are not eternal, similar to the laws of nature.

Maybe Lucifer has the mindset that God's laws, religious laws, and humans laws are more concrete than they actually are. Or perhaps Lucifer and his friends just want every opportunity he can to beat God, with everything else secondary to that primary goal. GalaxiaWild 13:45, January 9, 2012 (UTC)

How is that a contradiction? It follows the whole idea of Lucifer giving men knowledge. God wants to take that away and demands complete obediance. Many people in the lawful path follow God blindly. Lucifer opposing Him just seems normal. The Truthful Knight 19:39, February 19, 2012 (UTC)