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Here's a good plot for a future Shin Megami Tensei game:

Not related to the events of Strange Journey. Probably set after the events of Shin Megami Tensei II.

After two decades of peace, something erupts that brings the gap between the world of humans and the netherworld wide open. It is revealed that Lucifer, in conjunction with a mad user of the COMP program caused the event so that he could get revenge on society for mistreating him. In fact, the peaceful society within those decades wasn't exactly peaceful, open to instability. Now a long-forgotten war is taking place between the forces of God and the forces of Lucifer. The Messian and Gaian religions are absent, along with the dichotomies between them. Here's how the alignments work in this game.

LAW: The angels want to bring God back to life after being defeated in a previous conflict so that he plunge the human world into the netherworld in order to carry out his judgement of humanity. They believe that humans should strive to achieve perfection, morally, spiritually, or otherwise, and discipline themselves in order to attain godliness, believing that focusing on perfection will create a better society, ruled under God's law of course. However, their opponents in the CHAOS alignment claim that they would create an elitist society that destroys all objectivity by expelling them from their community.

CHAOS: The forces of Lucifer want to stop the angels from resurrecting God and unite the netherworld with the human world to not only restore their former selves, but also to bring humans back to freedom. They believe society fell since it first chose authority and because it is too superficial and too discriminatory, in terms of beauty, values, and just about everything else, thereby separating itself from a natural state of freedom, equality and progress. However, their angelic opponents claim that their society lacks order and security and that all they care about is restoring their forms.

NEUTRAL: This alignment believes that neither the angels or the forces of Lucifer can provide an effective solution and focus too much on creating a new world rather than reforming the old one, and that humanity should get a second chance in rebuilding society. They plan to seal the netherworld before it damages society. They believe that the angelic idea of society is too judgemental, while also claiming Lucifer's solution is too idealistic. Lucifer doesn't have a problem with it other than the worry that it is selfish and that it is simply inaction, while the angels claim it wouldn't be very different from what Lucifer wants.

What do you think? I might email this to Atlus. GrassoLife 20:56, February 16, 2011 (UTC)

GrassoLife, that's actually my idea. GalaxiaWild 20:59, February 16, 2011 (UTC)