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So, I have been replaying SMT1 and while I was playing I decided to compile a complete list of all of the demons in the game. The main reason why I did something like this was because I noticed there isn't really a lot of complete or even accurate information on this wiki or other sites. I posted about this on gamefaqs, so I'll just reiterate what I said there. After doing some research using various online sources and "hacking" the game a bit I was able to put together this document. All of the names of the various races, demons, and their skills are up to date with Orden's bugfix of the original translation. That means there are some differences from the original translation, but if people are trying to play the game at this point they should be using this patch anyway since it fixes a lot of bugs. I have pretty much all of the info you could need in here: demon races, names, stats, skills, and alignments (which are color coded, key included to the right of the table). The best part is that since it is in a table, you can organize the list any way you want! I like to sort everything by level so I can tell at any given time what my options are as far as what demons to fuse at a given level. Here is a download link to the excel table I created. If anything, I hope this helps anyone out there who is trying to complete all of the entries for each demon in SMT1. I know it is an old game and most people have probably moved on from it at this point. But I was replaying it and made this for my own amusement, so why not just share it?--Agenda23 (talk) 20:18, June 22, 2013 (UTC)

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