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Hello! I hope this is the right place to ask my question... I really love jrpgs, but i havent played any Megami Tensei titles yet. Can you tell me wich games i definitly HAVE to play, and where i should start?

Thank you!

I recommend Strange Journey, Nocturne, or Shin Megami Tensei 1 and 2. I started with Persona 4. Hey, when Shin Megami Tensei IV comes out you can play that. GalaxiaWild (talk) 16:21, April 22, 2013 (UTC)

Thank you very much! I started Persona 4 and instantly fell in love with it. The Soundtrack, the battle system, the charackters... its fantastic. I dont want to read spoilers, but i did read about a "true" ending - is it hard to get this ending? How do i know what to do for the true ending? Or would you recommend to play the first walktrough how i want to play and look for these things in me second walktrough?

The true ending involves beating the "final" boss, and then investiagte the gas station attendant till she reveals her true identity, and then defeat Izanami in her dungeon. I think. You could look on this wiki. GalaxiaWild (talk) 11:58, April 24, 2013 (UTC)

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