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I couldn't think of an appropriately descriptive title, so apologise if it isn't clear.

I have an odd suspicion that when the protagonist wakes up as the Demi-fiend at the beginning of the game, the Vortex World-ed Tokyo has existed for much longer than it appears. I noticed this when I first played the game, and I am reminded again on my second cycle. The living human characters give the impression that it has only just come into existence, but the dialogue by spirits, demons, and the establishment of whole organisations, buildings, and all else, say otherwise. There is one spirit that is bothered by the thought of Hikawa, but many seem rather well in the know-how about demons and the nature of the world for the recently deceased.

So could this world have been around for longer before the humans were plonked in, into the world that has been set up for them to form a Reason? I find myself only now reminded of the first SMT's time-jump, but I find no explicit mention of one in Nocturne or anywhere else. Tayruu (talk) 08:06, May 25, 2013 (UTC)