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A theory to the story of Shin Megami Tensei IV.Edit

  1. The East Mikado which you inhabit is actually the Thousand Year Kingdom given by YHWV.
  2. The game starts at the end of II, where East Mikado is an untouched fragment of Tokyo Millennium, where the virtual reality technology has been perfected, or has been innovated to a high extreme.
  3. The Tokyo that you go to is the Tokyo Millenium after Aleph's war on both Lucifer AND YHWH, or a new world of the series where this Tokyo is in the amidst of its own original conflict.
  4. The world that you live in deals with YHWH tampering with dimensional laws to enact his will of the Thousand Year Kingdom, to ensure his eternal rule over a world of perfection in his own light until the end of time. The traveling you do isn't one of time, but going to reality away from the Thousand Year Kingdom of East Mikado.
  5. You are actually living in a world where eons have passed since the end of Shin Megami Tensei II. The modern Tokyo of the future you're going to is merely reenacting the strifes of ages long past in a new light.
  6. You are actually now playing the sides of the Messians. Ashura Society is Neutral alignment going towards its own extremes- Where you may follow, or not, but they will not care whether you die from the outside world or from crossing their paths, as they have their own goals they pursue with or without you. They desire to have harmony with demons, but likely for their own hidden plans. Their name is also alluding to a great deal of hypocrisy and irony- Ashuras are said to be very bellicose and violence enjoying, unable to even come to peaceful resolutions and always seek conflict.
  7. Ashura Society likely clashes with Cult of Gaia, as they want a society of stability where they see demons as equals like humans. Cult of Gaia likely has a new agenda this time, but could likely be the same.


A fictional nation called France. This has to indicate that East Mikado is an isolated world where there is a real world outside of its boundaries and one where its higher ups are hiding something from even all of its lower ranks and castes. This might also indicate the game's themes of reincarnation and cycles, as France may have existed ages past, but is mythical in their world's accounts.

You wear a uniform in blue and white. Most often, this color is associated with the Messians.

You live in a kingdom of order and status, where living in its rules is the best way to live under its boundaries. Its philosophical world appears to be law centered in this case.

Mask no Oni (talk) 02:30, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

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