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Fortuna Entertainment

Fortuna Entertainment (フォルトナエンタテイメント, Forutona Entateimento)? is an entertainment agency and production company in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.



On the outside, Fortuna Entertainment is a company that represents singers, actors, and other members of the entertainment industry. The company president is Maiko Shimazaki, a former gravure idol.

However, the company's true purpose is to recruit people with the capability of becoming Mirage Masters in order to fight otherworldly beings called Mirages, then hone their artistic talents to become better Mirage Masters. Additionally, Maiko works in the background covering up the various Mirage incidents, preventing the public from figuring out what had truly transpired, and had founded the company following the Mass Disappearance incident five years prior to the start of the game, which was the first major Mirage attack.

Known Members[]


  • Maiko Shimazaki: President (steps down to return to modeling in best ending of Epilogue)
  • Barry Goodman: Trainer (technically supposed to be an independent trainer)
  • Itsuki Aoi: Talent turned CEO (Best ending)
  • Ayaha Oribe: Secretary (joins following Ch. 1)

Represented Talent[]



  • Like most locations within the game, Fortuna Entertainment is named after a demon in the series, that being Fortuna, with her wheel stomach being incorporated into the company logo.

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