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Forlo, also known as (フォロウ, Forou), is a demon in the series.



DemiKids: Light/Dark VersionEdit

In Dark Version Forlo is shown as a loyal servant of Lucifer. At the beginning of the game the two discuss the Time Rifts and the prophecy that tells that the future will end. Forlo mentions children that are part of the prophecy and in response Lucifer commands him to find out if the prophecy is true. Forlo does as his Lord commands and goes off to find DemiKids. He creates a Dem Gate in the school Rem in order to get Akira's aid. When Akira agrees he brings Akira over to Dem through the gate.

In Light Version Forlo and Grevir are both usurpers who have allied with the Imperius to kill Lord Lucifer. When Jin travels to the future he learns that Valhalla warred against Dem thanks to the death of Lucifer. Forlo as ruler of Dem lead the world of Dem to destruction at the hands of the Imperium. He would immobilize Lucifer during his fight with Shin. After Jin travels in time and disrupts his plans, Forlo decides to force his way through Jin if that's what it takes to win. Silence is his only words as he is defeated and dies.


Forlo is likely derived from forlorn, which can mean being unable to succeed at a goal.


DemiKids Light & DarkEdit

Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
General Dark Boss 450 32 338 152
25 27 29 30 25 26
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Hex TNT Dark 20 MP Hit +Bomb. 1 Foe
Fire Breath Fire 23 HP Small dmg. Foes
Pyroburst Fire 10 MP Medium dmg. 1 Foe
Guillotine Dark 15 HP Small dmg +Faint. 1 Foe
Hex Comadeus Dark 20 MP Medium dmg +Faint. 2 Foes
Intox Dark 6 MP Happy. 1 Foe


Forlo Introduction (Demikids - Dark Version)
Forlo's introduction in DemiKids: Dark Version.
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