The Forest of Confusion is a location in the series.



Megami Tensei IIEdit

The Forest of Confusion is the fourth area of the Expanse, only reachable if the hero holds the Orb of Doubt. The COMP will not work in many places in this area's caves, preventing demon summoning, devil analyzing, and map checking, however changing floors or exiting the dungeon will restore the COMP's functions temporarily.

In B1 of the cave directly south of the transport shrine, a Sword Knight can be found encased in crystal; he can only be freed by Sylph, after which he will join the party. Sylph tells the hero that they should both be taken to the Cathedral of Shadows, where, if they are fused together, they create Cherub.

Lucifer's Armor can be found in this area, held by Mitra and obtained upon his defeat. Like Lucifer's Sword it can only be equipped if the hero has sufficient stats, requiring 30+ Vitality and 25+ Intellect, however unlike the blade, equipment bonuses count towards meeting this requirement.

Astaroth is the Tyrant who rules over this area. If the hero steps on certain spots near his Castle, the hero will be put to sleep by the flowers in the area and the heroine will be kidnapped by Astaroth, forcing the hero to solo his castle to save her. Astaroth holds the Orb of Fear, required to travel to the Mountain of Horror.


Megami Tensei IIEdit

  • Cave SE of Shrine - Magic Source
  • Sword Knight Cave - Magic Source
  • Cave E of Castle - Friday Mask, St Incense, Jewel
  • Cave W of Castle - In Incense
  • Mitra's Temple 1F - Friday Mask
  • Mitra's Temple 4F - Sp Incense
  • Astaroth's Castle 1F - Emerald
  • Astaroth's Castle 2F - Amethyst
  • Astaroth's Castle 3F - Aquamarine
  • Astaroth's Castle 5F - Lu Incense


Megami Tensei IIEdit

Armor Def Charm Resist Sex Stats Price
Dragon Mail 10 4 Elec Male Sp +1 ћ40000
Tetrajammer 12 2 Holy Male - ћ60000
Yakut Armor 15 4 All Male - ћ120000

Helm Def Resist Sex Stats Price
Devil Head 4 - Male In +2 ћ13000
Lion Head 4 Fire2 Male In +2, Lu +2 ћ38000
Yakut Helm 5 All Male In +4 ћ100000

Glove Def Resist Sex Stats Price
Devil Hand 3 - Male St +6, Vi +1 ћ25000
Yakut Arm 3 - Male St +7 ћ55000
Lucifer's Claw 4 - Male St +8, Vi +2 ћ97000

Boot Def Sex Stats Price
Metal Boots 4 Male Sp +2, St +1 ћ11000
Hermes' Sandals 3 Male Sp +8 ћ53000
Yakut Leg 3 Male Sp +6, St +1 ћ95000

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