Fire Expanse DCMR

Fire Expanse World Map in Devil Children Messiah Riser.

Fire Expanse (火の魔界, Hi no Makai)?, also known as DemFire and Fire Land (ファイヤーランド), is a world in the Devil Children series.



Devil Children Black/Red BookEdit

Known as Fire Land, it is the home of a large number of Angels. The Tyrant Mammon rules over the land. It is famous in the Expanse for its Casino in Casino Town, the Hot Springs, and the Underground Factory.

DemiKids: Dark VersionEdit

Known as DemFire, it was once the home of Darklord. Fire Element demons that are descended from his demon partner reside in this land. Akira must travel through DemFire to reach the Dark Temple where Darklord once resided. Power Fusion is mentioned by demons to have originated in the fiery realm.

Devil Children Messiah RiserEdit

Jin must travel through the Fire Expanse on his route. Kyuuki is the Imperium general faced in the Dark Temple.

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