Famed (英傑, Eiketsu) is a race in the series. Unusually, all of its demons can only be created via special fusion or fusion accident. The Famed race is mostly comprised of demons from the Hero and General races, with a few exceptions. Like Hero demons, most Famed demons are real honored or canonized figures in history. They all null Light and Dark. All of the Famed are "Neutral" in the Law-Chaos axis


List of DemonsEdit

Shin Megami Tensei IVEdit

Demon Level Fusion requirement
Yoshitsune 36 Fusion accident
Jeanne D'Arc 42 Fusion accident
Lanling Wang 49 Fusion accident
Hagen 55 Fusion accident
Siegfried 61 Fusion accident
Kanseiteikun 67 Fusion accident (must first be unlocked through a challenge quest)
Rama 74 Fusion accident
Tenkai 74 Special fusion:

Tokisada 80 Fusion accident (must first be unlocked through a challenge quest)
Michizane 84 Special fusion:

Huang Di 86 Fusion accident
Yamato Takeru 90 Special fusion:

Shin Megami Tensei IV ApocalypseEdit

Demon Level
Yoshitsune 36
Jeanne D'Arc 42
Lanling Wang 49
Hagen 56
Siegfried 62
Kanseiteikun 67
Rama 74
Tenkai 77
Tokisada 80
Huang Di 86

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