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The Faith Arcana's false form

The Faith Arcana (信念, Shinnen)? is an Arcana appearing in Persona 5 Royal.


Like the Aeon Arcana and Hunger Arcana, the Faith is not found in standard tarot decks. The Faith Arcana is present in the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck. Upright, it represents belief in others and in oneself, and in religion or science. On the other hand, reversed, it can represent blind faith misplaced in something that does not deserve trust. It can also mean false idols, or overconfidence.

Personas of this Arcana are generally well-beloved legendary heroes or celestial beasts.


List of Personas[]

Persona 5 Royal[]

The Faith Arcana's true form

The Faith Arcana is represented by Sumire Yoshizawa. It is a unique Arcana and lacks a number. It is also unique amongst the other Confidants as it is the sole Arcana with a black border in game.

The Arcana is unique, as it maxes out at Rank 5 until Sumire's true self is revealed, hinting that there is more to her below the surface. After accepting herself, the Arcana repairs itself, gaining a white border, and can progress to Rank 10 like all other Arcana.

After the Confidant reaches completion, Sumire's Persona, Cendrillon, transmogrifies into Vanadis. Sumire's third tier Persona is Ella. Completing the Faith Arcana Confidant at Rank 10 will also bestow the ultimate form of the Arcana, Maria.

Persona Level
Cendrillon Initial Persona of Kasumi Yoshizawa
Vanadis Ultimate Persona of Sumire Yoshizawa
Ella Third-tier Persona of Sumire Yoshizawa
Phoenix 21
Tam Lin 27
Unicorn 39
Okuninushi 54
Orichalcum 60
Atavaka 65
Cu Chulainn 76
Siegfried 84
Maria 93*


Character Game
Sumire Yoshizawa Persona 5 Royal


  • The Faith Arcana can be found in the Visconti di Modrone tarot deck.
  • Unlike most tarot cards in the Persona series, this Arcana is not numbered (and appears as the last one in the game's Confidant list), similar to other cards in the Visconti di Modrone deck. Additionally, the border surrounding the card is black and has tears around the border, whereas the other Arcana cards in Persona 5 have a white border and lack damage around the borders. This foreshadows that Kasumi is fake.
  • The Ultimate Persona of the Faith Arcana is Maria, a homage to the artificial goddess of the Ideal Realm of Shin Megami Tensei NINE who was persuaded to free its inhabitants. The Ideal Realm that Maria reigns also has similarities to Takuto Maruki's cognition warping powers.

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