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The Fairy Village in Shin Megami Tensei V.

The Fairy Village (妖精の集落*)? is a location in the series.



The protagonist visits the Fairy Village based on information provided by Fionn mac Cumhaill that students from Jouin High School were taken there after being rescued. After arriving, the protagonist learns that there are indeed students there, including Miyazu Atsuta, but after a meeting with the fairy king, Oberon, he learns from him and Titania that a number of students have serious injuries and that there isn't enough medicine to treat them all. The pair will have a Jack-o'-Lantern accompany the protagonist to go meet with the goddess Idun, whose Golden Apples may help the injured students.

A Cait Sith in the village will tell the protagonist about his Koppa Tengu friend back in Tennozu Isle, where he can start the "Birds of a Feather" subquest. An Arahabaki stands near the waterfall in the area, announcing that it is waiting for one who is worthy to appear when approached.


  • Nekomata's Essence
  • Black Ooze's Essence
  • Fire Gem x3

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