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Experience, or EXP, is the mechanic by which party members level up in the games.


EXP will generally be awarded after in-game battles, and is necessary for the characters, demons and Personas throughout the series to progress and become more powerful. How EXP is handled varies throughout the games.

Shin Megami Tensei III: NocturneEdit

EXP is awarded after battles or to demons through sacrificial fusion. The amount of EXP awarded in battles by enemies is scaled relative to the Demi-fiend's level, with each party member receiving the same amount of EXP. EXP awarded to even low-level demons will be scaled back, making grinding in certain areas yield diminishing returns for lower level demons as the Demi-fiend becomes stronger.

Persona 4Edit

EXP is awarded through battles or through fusion. More EXP will be awarded as the protagonist raises his Social Links with the character representing a Persona's respective Arcana. EXP from an enemy will be divided among members of the party evenly, with the EXP displayed on the results screen being shown relative to the protagonist's level.

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