Evolution, mutation (変異, hen'i) or transfiguration is the process by which one demon or persona changes form into another, often the more powerful one that typically cannot be obtained via conventional means.

Shin Megami Tensei III: NocturneEdit

Certain demons can change into other demons by evolving. Some of these are unique in that they cannot be obtained through fusion in the Cathedral of Shadows, but all neutral demons in the list can appear in random encounters and be recruited normally. For a demon to evolve into a new form, it must learn all of its hidden skills from leveling up, and the protagonist's level must at least be 4 less than the resultant demon's. If the result appears as a boss battle, that battle must be fought first (or, if the battle is avoidable due to the player's Reason, pass the point of the story in which the fight normally occurs). When all requirements are met, an eligible demon will ask player's permission to evolve into its new form when it gains a level, even if player has declined it previously.

Lvl Race Evolved from > Lvl Race Evolve into
6FairyPixie 10FairyHigh Pixie#
15FairyHigh Pixie 56NightQueen Mab#
12NightLilim 80NightLilith#
17BeastInugami 22AvatarMakami
18SnakeNozuchi 24DragonGui Xian
22BeastNekomata 28HolySenri
24YomaKoppa 28YomaKarasu#
33YomaKarasu 38GenmaKurama
24BruteMomunofu 30VileArahabaki
27YomaDis 33WargodValkyrie
32SnakeNaga 37SnakeRaja Naga#
38SnakeMizuchi 44DragonLong
42YomaOnkot 46GenmaHanuman
50GenmaHanuman 54FuryWu Kong
48FairySetanta 52GenmaCu Chulainn
48YomaJinn 52YomaEfreet#
52MegamiSati 57LadyParvati
53YomaPurski 58WargodGanesha
58BeastSparna 63AvianGaruda
60JiraeGogmagog 64EntityAlbion*
68DivineThrone 73SeraphUriel*
69MegamiScathach 74LadySkadi*
74TyrantAbaddon 77TyrantAciel*
(human form)
(fly form)*
* Story boss
# Neutral demon

The item "Divine Water," which can be purchased normally in shops, can be used to test if a demon can evolve, though this item is not cost-effective, as there are only 24 demons out of over 100 that can evolve. To ease the cost of checking whether or not his demons can evolve, the player can save before using it and reload after learning the result.

Shin Megami Tensei IVEdit

Flynn's level is not a determining factor in whether or not a demon can evolve - a demon needs only to reach its own required level to trigger the event.

  • Demons that form an evolution chain are highlighted in the same background color and can be sorted by the "Chain" column header in the table.
Lvl Race Evolved from > Race Evolve into Chain
11HolyHeqet LadyDzelarhonsz01
12DivineAngel DivineArchangela1
22DivineArchangel DivinePrincipalitya2
30DivinePrincipality DivinePowera3
37DivinePower DivineVirtuea4
46DivineVirtue DivineDominiona5
56DivineDominion DivineThronea6
66DivineThrone DivineCheruba7
14JakiGremlin WilderRaijuuz02
17SpiritPoltergeist SpiritQuicksilverz03
20FairyJack Frost JakiWendigoz04
22YomaKoppa Tengu YomaKarasu Tenguz05
23BeastKabuso NymphSenrib1
32NymphSenri BeastNekomatab2
26VerminUbu JiraeTsuchigumoz06
28GhostMou-Ryo SpiritInfernoc1
39SpiritInferno WilderPorewitc2
31FemmeYomotsu-Shikome BruteYomotsu-Ikusaz07
37NightIncubus NightSuccubusz08
39UndeadCorpse FallenNebirosz09
41FairyKelpie YomaValkyriez10
44NightKaiwan FallenDecarabiaz11
49JiraeKuebiko AvatarUkano Mitamaz12
51DrakeMushussu DrakeTiamatd1
62DrakeTiamat DrakeYmd2
52AvatarChimera BeastOrthruse1
66BeastOrthrus BeastCerberuse2
53HolyAiravata JakiGirimehkalaz13
58NightWild Hunt TyrantAbaddonz14
62VileTao Tie WilderTaownz15
69FemmeDakini FemmeKaliz16

Shin Megami Tensei IV ApocalypseEdit

The evolution chart remains mostly the same as the previous game, with a few minor changes due to the changes in availability of certain demons (for example, Inferno no longer evolves into Porewit, etc.). Demons gained through evolution will only have their base stats, rather than any higher stat levels the former form enjoyed. For example, a Girimehkala evolved from an Airavata with 106 Strength will only have 99 Strength.

  • Demons that form an evolution chain are highlighted in the same background color and can be sorted by the "Chain" column header in the table.
Lvl Race Evolved from > Race Evolve into Chain
16DivineAngel DivineArchangela1
22DivineArchangel DivinePrincipalitya2
30DivinePrincipality DivinePowera3
37DivinePower DivineVirtuea4
46DivineVirtue DivineDominiona5
56DivineDominion DivineThronea6
66DivineThrone DivineCheruba7
78DivineCherub DivineAngela7
17HolyHeqet LadyDzelarhonsz01
21BeastKabuso NymphSenrib1
31NymphSenri BeastNekomatab2
20YomaKoppa Tengu YomaKarasu Tenguz05
23SpiritPoltergeist SpiritQuicksilverz03
30SpiritQuicksilver WilderRaijuuz03
26FairyJack Frost JakiWendigoz04
27VerminUbu JiraeTsuchigumoz06
28GhostMou-Ryo SpiritInfernoc1
34FemmeYomotsu-Shikome BruteYomotsu-Ikusaz07
39FairyKelpie YomaValkyriez10
40NightIncubus NightSuccubusz08
42UndeadCorpse FallenNebirosz09
50AvatarChimera BeastOrthruse1
64BeastOrthrus BeastCerberuse2
52DrakeMushussu DrakeTiamatd1
60DrakeTiamat DrakeYmd2
57HolyAiravata JakiGirimehkalaz13
59NightWild Hunt TyrantAbaddonz14
62VileTao Tie WilderTaownz15
70FemmeDakini FemmeKaliz16

Last Bible IIEdit

Demons left at the beast training school can evolve into higher-leveled demons in their group.

Another BibleEdit

Beasts evolve to a higher rank upon reaching level 3. Evolved beasts have 1 HP / PP more than beasts recruited at that rank, in addition to having the normal 5 stat points available upon leveling, making it preferable to evolve beasts to higher ranks rather than simply recruiting them. Rank 4 Beasts (Beast Fenrir, Fairy Oberon, and Tyrant Lucifer) can not be recruited, and are only available through evolution.

Devil Summoner: Soul HackersEdit

In the 3DS remake, the special demon Nemechi can evolve by consuming 300 D-Souls (once per day), which unlocks additional demons that can be obtained through it. The list of forms and purchasable demons is available here.

Persona 2Edit

Many Personas have a small chance of mutating into another Persona of the minor Arcana of closest level after reaching Rank 8 and finishing a battle by performing a fusion spell. When a Persona shows signs of transformation, the player must take it to the Velvet Room and return it to the reserve stock.

There is a small chance for an evolution to result in a lvl. 2 Devil Poltergeist, which is considered a failed mutation. This can be prevented by reserving Poltergeist in either stocks of the player or Velvet Room before allowing a persona to mutate, because the game does not allow player to possess multiple copies of any one persona.

Innocent SinEdit

The following personas can mutate into higher level personas of the same arcana:

Arcana Lvl Mutates from Lvl Mutates into
Any AnyAny2Poltergeist
01.0Magician41Abe no Seimei49Manannan
02Priestess27Tensen Nyannyan34Sif
05.0Hierophant59Varuna67Brahma *
06.0Lovers2Pixie11Robin Goodfellow
06.0Lovers11Robin Goodfellow18Jack Frost
09.0Hermit22Marshal Tianpeng28Gullinbursti
08.0Justice44Kundali Vidyaraja52Skanda
13.0Death44Ankou47Charon *
14.0Temperance54Phoenix59Suzaku *
19.0Sun13Surya20Kinich Kakmo
19.0Sun39Heimdall46Ildanach *
21.0World31Demeter38Njord *
21.0World38Njord46Hunab Ku
21.0World46Hunab Ku54Mucalinda
* Indicates the Persona would normally require a Material Card to summon

Minor Arcana MutationsEdit

Arcana Result Lvl Mutates from
WandBudai10Airgetlam, Pixie, Harpy, Phaleg
WandShou Shen25Nemesis, Umayadono-Ouji, Jack Frost, Otohime, Marshal Tianpeng, Kabandha, Hel, Fjalar, Gandharva, Pairika, Kinich Kakmo, Angel, Sarutobi Sasuke,
WandQuetzalcoatl40Agrippa, Seioubo, Baal, Seiten Taisei, Genbu, Nezha, Stymphalides, Loki, Tenjiku Tokubei, Tobi Katou
CoinFukurokuju20Tengu, Arianrhod, Xuanzang, Robin Goodfellow, Jack Frost, Minotaur, Longma, Nekomata, Mars, Shax, Fjalar, Iris, Surya, Angel
CoinEbisu35Agrippa, Sif, Marduk, Sakya, Pyro Jack, Taranis, Culebre, Byakko, Juanlian Dajiang, Principality
CoinSarasvati50Abe no Seimei, Parvati, Charon, Aeshma, Succubus, Ildanach, Hunab Ku
CupGalahad30Tensen Nyannyan, Nemesis, Marduk, Pyro Jack, Taranis, Culebre, Gullinbursti, Kabhanda, Kanaloa, Juanlian Dajiang, Pairika, Principality
CupBacchus45Manannan, Parvati, Seioubo, Baal, Huracan, Yama, Susano-O, Taksaka, Kundali Vidyaraja, Barbatos, Ankou, Surt, Aeshma, Hoenir, Melchizedek
CupDagda60Isis, Izanami, Hathor, Odin, Varuna, Vritra, Kinich Ahau, Adramelech, Phoenix, Suzaku, Beelzebub, Valkyrie, Throne, Seiryu
SwordCu Chulainn40Sif, Yama, Seiten Taisei, Genbu, Nezha, Stymphalides, Surt, Loki, Hoenir, Heimdall, Demeter, Njord
SwordArthur55Isis, Hathor, Indra, Mithra, Ares, Skanda, Charon, Seker, Succubus, Ildanach, Armaiti, Throne, Mucalinda
SwordFutsuno Mitama70Lakshmi, Kali, Gaia, Mahakala, Bishamonten, Pallas Athena, Mot,

Seth, Hanuman, Tsukuyomi, Nanna, Virochana, Ameretat, Ouroboros, Fuuma Kotarou

Other MutationsEdit

Arcana Mutates from Lvl Mutates into Lvl Remarks
19.0SunVulcanus1Vulcanus Prime33PSP only, if not obtained through dialogue choices; Complete Mt Iwato and Max Rank
13.0DeathRhadamanthus1Rhadamanthus Prime32
06.0LoversEros1Eros Prime32
18.0MoonMaia3Maia Prime31
10.0FortuneHermes42Chronos57Complete Aquarius Temple and Max Rank

Eternal PunishmentEdit

The following personas have a rather low chance to obtain via mutation.

Lvl Mutates from Arcana Lvl Mutates into Arcana Remarks
46Il-Dana19.0Sun72Lugh04.0EmperorRequires rumor from Manannan
64Scathach02Priestess74Pallas Athena08.0Justice -
68Seth16.0Tower74Mot13.0Death -
68Amurtart20.0Judgement83Michael20.0Judgement2nd Cycle
68Wong Long11.0Strength88Shokuin21.0World2nd Cycle

Minor Arcana MutationsEdit

Arcana Result Lvl Mutates from
RodHotei16Tengu, Arianrhod, Genjo, Minotaur, Ryume, Nekomata, Surya
RodNankyoku Roujin28Tensen Nyan Nyan, Nemesis, Marduk, Jack O' Lantern, Taranis, Grinbulsti, Mars, Kabanda
RodNodens44Parvati, Vivian, Susano-O, Takshaka, Gundari Myouou, Barbatos, Ankou, Aeshma
RodQuetzalcoatl60Mahakala, Adramelech, Valkyrie, Seiryu
PentacleFukurokuju20Jack Frost, Shax, Fearal, Phaleg
PentacleYebisu32Kerepres, Kenren Taishou, Melchizedek, Demeter
PentaclePeri40Baal, Yama, Genbu, Stuparideth, Surt, Heinir, Njord
PentacleSarasvati64Isis, Scathach, Beelzebub, Uroboros
CupMatsuo-sama12Airgetlam, Pixie, Robin Goodfellow, Harpie, Poltergeist, Kimnara
CupGalahad36Agrippa, Sif, Seioubo, Seiten Taisei, Byakko, Loki, Heimdall
CupBacchus52Abe no Seimei, Indra, Ares, Skanda, Seker, Tsukuyomi
CupDagda68Varuna, Wong Long, Seth, Hanuman
SwordKanshou24Umayado no Ouji, Otohime, Tenhou Gensui, Hel, Kanaloa, Gandharva, Pariker, Kinich Kakmo
SwordChu Chulainn48Rinok, Hurakan, Succubus, Armati, Hunab Ku
SwordArthur56Mananan, Hathor, Mithra, Vritra, Kinich Ahau, Phoenix, Mucalinda
SwordFutsuno Mitama72Tishtoriya, Fariedone, Amurtart

Other MutationsEdit

Arcana Mutates from Lvl Mutates into Lvl Remarks
18.0MoonMaia3Maia Custom31Select correct dialogue in GOLD

Persona 3Edit

In Persona 3, the ultimate Personas of the protagonist's teammates evolve through story progression as a result of personal resolve.

Persona 4Edit

In Persona 4, Personas evolve after an individual teammate's Social Link reaches max rank.

Devil Children Black Book & Red BookEdit

At certain points in the story Cool, Veil, and Nagahisa Kai's Sphinx will evolve into stronger forms. In Forest Land, the player will receive a phone call from Isis asking for them to visit her in Sand Land. Once there, she will give the player a Sphinx which can evolve by talking to a Trainer via the use of Emblems that can be found in certain dungeons. In Red Book, certain demons will evolve into a different one after being ranked up enough times.


Evolved from Evolve into Requirement
Death Cerberus
Death Gryphon
Beat the Tournament in Marble Land.
Death Cerberus
Death Gryphon
Hell Cerberus
Hell Gryphon
Beat Nagahisa in Forest Land. (Black Book)
Beat Nagahisa in Harajuku. (Red Book)
Hell Cerberus
Hell Gryphon
King Cerberus
King Gryphon
Rescue Lucifer in Central Land.


Evolved from Evolve into Requirement
Sphinx Death Sphinx Find Death Emblem in Forest Land.
Death Sphinx Hell Sphinx Find Hell Emblem in Central Land.
Hell Sphinx Neo Sphinx Find Neo Emblem in the Deep Hole.

Rank up EvolutionsEdit

Evolved from (Level) Evolve into (Level) Number of rank ups
Hippou (8) Roc (17) 5
Deva (10) Deva Ou (18)
Bastet (13) Neko Shogun (21)
Feng Huang (19) Suzaku (32)
Komainu (20) Yatsufusa (34)
Shiisaa (28) Barong (38) 6
Nekomata (5) Bahan (14) 5
Shura (10) Shura Ou (17)
Tsukuyomi (44) Scathach (50) 8
Van (49) Van Ou (54) 9
Prince (23) Virtue (32) 6
Kuriotes (39) Merkabah (46) 8
Seraphim (45) Archangel (52) 9
Ego (48) Satan (54)
Gnome (1) Issun-boshi (9) 5
Pixie (3) Sylph (16)
Rasetsu (10) Rasetsu Ou (17)
Ghoul (24) Mummy (32) 6
Robot (30) Android (39)
Counting Sheep (2) Makura-gaeshi (13) 5
Makura-gaeshi (13) Baku (23)
Banshee (27) Dullahan (40) 6
Mizuchi (8) Otohime (14) 5
Basilisk (15) Crom Cruach (27)
Orochi (25) Yamata no Orochi (34) 6
Naga (35) Ananta (49) 7
Ratatoskr (3) Kamaitachi (15) 5
Yukinko (7) Yuki-onna (16)
Kudagitsune (17) Kyūbi no Kitsune (29)
Frost Ace (22) King Frost (31)
Harpy (32) Siren (41) 7

Devil Children White BookEdit

Clay and Rei will evolve as the story progresses.

DemiKids Light / DarkEdit

Akira and Jin's demon partners Gale and Rand evolve as the story progresses. The choices made when the two are overflowing with power will determine the evolution path they follow. Rank Up fusion has several demons evolve into new demons by ranking up.

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Like in DemiKids: Light & Dark, Rand and Gale will once again evolve as the story progresses. This time however the form they evolve into is based on whether their Attack or Magic stat is higher. The higher one leads down one path and it's possible to go down the other path if the opposite stat is higher by the next time the Demon partners can evolve. Rank Up fusion also returns and fulfills the same role it had in Dark/Light Version.

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