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"When I think of school, I think of a bright place with people I know. But when that same place suddenly becomes dark and empty, then it's scary... or creepy. ...I think I had the same feeling when I first saw Tartarus."
—Ken Amada

Evil Spirit Club is the third Labyrinth in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth uses common imagery used in horror films with broken glass and flickering red lights. The first two floors take the appearance of an abandoned school building, with thematic puzzles relating to various classes, while the latter two take on that of an abandoned hospital. It culminates in the cast stumbling upon a surgery in progress.

The dungeon introduces aggressive F.O.Es that actively follow the party until they enter a different room. Scattered across various rooms are lights which can help the party control the F.O.Es' activity. They also become critical for certain puzzles where the party needs to use a Dark Key on a locked door without turning on the lights.

The F.O.Es in the Labyrinth are described as highly frightening, to the point that a usually stoic individual like Mitsuru Kirijo is scared by their sudden appearance.

Probably due to the horror theme, enemy encounters almost always start with an ambush, so it is recommended to have the battle navigator with the Snake Glare support.

The settings of the Labyrinth are heavily based on Rei's memories of wanting to go to an actual school and how she lived her last years in the hospital. The quotes the Kind Doctor spouts during battle may or may not reference her last moments until she passed away.


Power Spots

  • Floor 1
    • Note Page
    • Textbook Page
    • Document Page
  • Floor 2
    • Ripped Schedule
    • Ripped Name Tag
    • Ripped Emblem
  • Floor 3
    • Rusted Syringe
    • Rusted Scalpel
    • Rusted Tweezers
  • Floor 4
    • Bloody Bandage
    • Bloody Gauze
    • Bloody Chart

100% Map Completion Chests

  • Story 1: Familiar Statue (Growth 1)
  • Story 2: Manila Rope (Bracer of Might)
  • Story 3: Yin-Yang Charm (Every Stat-swap Accessory) [Must enter Story 4]
  • Story 4: Summon Bamboo (Attract Pipe) [Must complete Convey a Secret Message request


Dropped by Shadows

Floors 1-3

Floor 4

Dropped by F.O.E.s

Cute Baby
Lovely Doll
Old Doll
Soul Seeker


  • White boxes indicate Rare Shadows.
  • Dark Purple boxes indicate FOEs.
  • Purple boxes indicate Bosses.
Shadow Weak Resist Block Absorb Floor Drops
Protective Lexy Dark Stab Light - 1st Story Lexy Piece
Lexy Ribbon
Lexy Cotton
Desirous Maya Ice, Light Bash, Fire - - 1st Story
2nd Story
Sticky Piece
Sticky Hand
Sticky Jelly
Phantom Mage Fire Wind, Dark - - 1st Story
2nd Story
Ghost Piece
Ghost Lamp
Black Raven Elec Cut, Wind - - 1st Story
2nd Story
3rd Story
Crow Piece
Crow Feather
Trance Twins Wind - - - 1st Story
2nd Story
3rd Story
Twins' Piece
Twins' Handcuffs
Rainy Brother 2 Elec, Light, Dark - - - 2nd Story
3rd Story
4th Story
Rainy Piece
Rainy Breath
Rainy Core
Rainy Pot Fire Wind - - 2nd Story
3rd Story
4th Story
Urn Piece
Urn Hair
Bribed Fuzz Wind Stab - - 2nd Story
3rd Story
4th Story
Cop Piece
Cop Badge
Devious Maya Light Bash Dark - 3rd Story
4th Story
Mushy Piece
Mushy Hand
Phantom Master Fire Wind, Dark - - 3rd Story
4th Story
Phantom Piece
Phantom Lamp
Change Relic Ice Cut, Stab, Fire, Wind - - 3rd Story
4th Story
Statue Piece
Statue Hinges
Statue Blade
Earnest Calocy - - - - 4th Story Calocy Piece
Calocy Glasses
Rainy Brother 1 Elec, Light, Dark - - - 4th Story Elder Piece
Elder Mist
Elder Core
Amenti Raven Wind Cut, Fire - - 4th Story Raven Piece
Raven Feather
Raven Beak
Fate Seeker Ice Light, Dark - - 3rd Story
4th Story
Monitor Piece
Monitor Brow
Monitor Eye
Supreme Hand - Everything - - All Supreme Piece
Cute Baby Elec Cut, Wind, Light Dark - All Old Pacifier
Lovely Doll Elec Bash, Fire Light, Dark - 2nd Story
3rd Story
4th Story
Red Clothes
Old Doll Cut, Stab, Elec Bash, Fire, Ice, Wind, Light Dark - 4th Story Blue Clothes
Calm Nurse
Caring Nurse
Ice, Fire - Light, Dark - Last Story -
Kind Doctor Wind - Light, Dark - Last Story Broken Gauge
Soul Seeker Ice - Light, Dark - Last Story Monitor Gold


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