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"That monster... isn't a Shadow. It's the accumulated malice that came from the hearts of countless living people. All of them, deep down, are calling Nyx."
—Fuuka Yamagishi, Persona 3 FES

Erebus is the grand manifestation of humanity's grief and negative emotion in Persona 3 FES: The Answer. A large, dual-faced monstrosity, its very purpose of existence is to contact Nyx in order to bring forth The Fall.


In Greek mythology, Erebus was the son of a primordial god, Chaos, and represented the personification of darkness and shadow, which filled all the corners and crannies of the world. He was the offspring of Chaos alone. He was the brother of Nyx, and fathered Aether and Hemera with her, according to Hesiod (c. 700 BC). Roman writer Hyginus (c. AD 1) described Erebus as the father of Geras, the god of old age.



Persona 3 FES


Persona 3 FES The Answer FINAL Boss Erebus Final Door

Erebus boss battle.

Erebus is the final boss of the playable epilogue of Persona 3 FES, titled The Answer.

After reuniting the separated keys needed to travel through time, Aigis decided to go back to the time when the protagonist performed the miracle of sealing Nyx. Metis questions the protagonist's reasons for doing so, as Nyx herself is not hostile or malevolent. It is revealed that, in actuality, the protagonist was trying to seal Nyx away from Erebus.

Erebus is the manifestation of humanity's grief and negative emotion. By coming in contact with Nyx, it can awaken her, thus bringing the Fall. Erebus constantly tries to break the seal: the protagonist, now turned into a statue and, in effect, a lock between Nyx and humanity.

However, Erebus' effort has no effect, despite trying to destroy the seal again and again. Noticing SEES's presence, Erebus changed his target to Aigis. Because Aigis now shares the same unique ability as the protagonist, Erebus hopes to use her as a weapon to break the seal.

Not wanting to give up, SEES engages Erebus, but knowing that even after they defeat Erebus, he will reanimate, as long as humanity wishes for the coming of Nyx. Realizing this, the remaining members of SEES swore to help the protagonist bear the burden by making the most out of their own lives. Aigis would later make a vow, hoping to change the world someday, so the protagonist may be released from his bonds.

Persona 4 Arena

Erebus appears again in the Sea of Souls, fully reformed. Elizabeth, not wanting to do damage to the realm of the collective unconscious, teleports them to the moon and overwhelms it with Thanatos, destroying it with a single strike. Elizabeth laments that Erebus will once again fully reform in a year, and she would have to destroy it again. She then leaves on a journey to find a way to destroy Erebus for good so she can free the Persona 3 protagonist from the great seal.


Having no particular elemental immunities, Erebus can be taken on with nearly any combination of party members. It is capable of a wide variety of damage-dealing attacks. When it uses its signature move, Dark Embrace, it becomes more vulnerable to attacks but also switches its moveset towards inflicting ailments or instant kills. All party members are to go all-out in doing damage to it - if Erebus gets damaged enough (~1200 HP of total damage during charge will be enough) while charging it will cancel Dark Embrace and be stunned for a turn. When it drops to half health, Erebus will begin using the ultimate-tier single target elemental skills in its normal state. It'll be very useful to have some SP recovery items since lack of SP can become critical in the middle of the fight, especially for magic-oriented fighters.

Since there is no New Game Plus for The Answer, the player may freely utilize all of the items at their disposal.


The Answer

Despite no resistance flag on Erebus, it still takes reduced damage from elemental spells.

Arcana Level HP SP
Strength 80
Magic 75
Endurance 60
Agility 68
Luck 70
Fool 80 12000
Slash Strike Pierce Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Almi
- - - Resist Resist Resist Resist Null Null Resist
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Almighty Attack Inflicts a large amount of Almighty physical damage to all enemies.
Deathbound Deals heavy Slash damage to all foes.
Arrow Rain Deals medium Pierce damage to all foes. (2 hits)
Myriad Arrows Deals medium Pierce damage to all foes. (1-3 hits)
Vicious Strike Deals heavy Strike damage to all foes.
Akasha Arts Deals heavy Strike damage 1x to 2x to all foes.
Agidyne Deals heavy Fire damage to one foe.
Maragidyne Deals heavy Fire damage to all foes.
Ragnarok Deals severe Fire damage to one foe.
Bufudyne Deals heavy Ice damage / Freezes one foe. (10% chance)
Mabufudyne Deals heavy Ice damage / Freezes all foes. (8% chance)
Niflheim Deals severe Ice damage / Freezes one foe. (100% chance)
Ziodyne Deals heavy Elec damage / Shocks one foe. (10% chance)
Maziodyne Deals heavy Elec damage / Shocks all foes. (8% chance)
Thunder Reign Deals severe Elec damage / Shocks one foe. (100% chance)
Garudyne Deals heavy Wind damage to one foe.
Magarudyne Deals heavy Wind damage to all foes.
Panta Rhei Deals severe Wind damage to one foe.
Power Charge Doubles physical damage dealt next turn. (2x damage)
Mind Charge Doubles magic damage dealt next turn. (2x damage)
Fire Break Reduces 1 foe's Fire resistance to average.
Ice Break Reduces 1 foe's Ice resistance to average.
Elec Break Reduces 1 foe's Elec resistance to average.
Wind Break Reduces 1 foe's Wind resistance to average.
Fire Amp Greatly strengthens Fire attacks by 50%.
Ice Amp Greatly strengthens Ice attacks by 50%.
Elec Amp Greatly strengthens Elec attacks by 50%.
Wind Amp Greatly strengthens Wind attacks by 50%.
Ailment Boost Increases odds of inflicting ailments by 50%.
Apt Pupil Increases user's Critical Rate.
Dark Embrace Charges up for 3 turns for Primal Darkness. Attack is canceled if enough damage is done.

Erebus assumes this form when charging up Dark Embrace. In this state, it will take increased damage from all attacks. Doing enough damage to interrupt Dark Embrace will stun it for its next round.

Arcana Level HP SP
Strength 80
Magic 75
Endurance 60
Agility 68
Luck 70
Fool 80 12000
Slash Strike Pierce Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Almi
- - - - - - - Null Null Resist
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Almighty Attack Inflicts a large amount of Almighty physical damage to all enemies.
Mahamaon Light: instant kill, all foes (high odds). (35% chance)
Mamudoon Darkness: instant kill, all foes (high odds). (35% chance)
Poison Mist Poisons all foes. (35% chance)
Evil Smile Instills Fear in all foes. (40% chance)
Matarunda Decreases all foes' Attack.
Masukunda Decreases all foes' Hit/Evasion rate.
Virus Breath Deals damage / Poisons all foes. (25% of HP / 75% chance)
Fire Amp Greatly strengthens Fire attacks by 50%.
Ice Amp Greatly strengthens Ice attacks by 50%.
Elec Amp Greatly strengthens Elec attacks by 50%.
Wind Amp Greatly strengthens Wind attacks by 50%.
Ailment Boost Increases odds of inflicting ailments by 50%.
Apt Pupil Increases user's Critical Rate.
Primal Darkness Inflicts a massive amount of Almighty damage to all enemies. Power increases with each use.


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