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Equipment (装備品*)? is a common mechanic in the series.


It is similar to items due to sharing acquisition means. However, unlike with items, the equipment is given to party members beforehand, and its effects are automatic. Generally they enhance the attack power and defense of the party member, but they also grant passive abilities depending on the equipment. Most types of equipment is categorized so only specific party members can equip them: either they are divided by item type, which means that only combatants capable in using said equipment can use them, or they're directly designed for use for a specific party member.

Types of Equipment[]

  • Melee Weapons, or only weapons. They establish the power and accuracy of regular melee attacks.
  • Ranged Weapons: appear in certain entries, and establish the power and accuracy of ranged attacks.
  • Armor: increase the user's defense and evasion in combat. Generally they're categorized according to sex, where only men or women can equip them, with some armor types being unisex for both. For characters with unique physiques, such as Aigis, Koromaru, Teddie and Morgana, they each get their own unique armor type.
  • Accessories: Miscellaneous types of items that anyone can equip, and they emphasize on passive abilities. The user's HP, SP and stats are some properties accessories can directly enhance.
  • Outfits: Outfits do not do anything other than modify the user's appearance in combat.

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