Enoch (エノク, Enoku) is a demon in the series.


Enoch is the name of two biblical figures, one being the son of Cain and the other a descendant of Seth and great granfather of Noah. The latter is believed to be the angel Metatron.



Devil Children: Fire/Ice Book

Enoch is one of the highest ranked Angels in Tenkai with only Michael having equal authority to him. He commands his servant angels to war against the demon servants of Beelzebub and both sides begin to fight in the human world. After arriving in Tenkai and visiting the Light Palace, Akira finds Michael being attacked by several of Enoch's angels. Upon their defeat it is revealed that one of them is actually a demon disguised as a angel and many of his servants had been replaced with disguised demons. When Jin later goes to his home to confront him and save Lena, Enoch tells her to go on ahead as he'll deal with Jin. After defeating him it is revealed that Enoch is also a demon disguised as as the angel, manipulating Enoch's servants along with replacing others with demons.


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